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Mario Kart: Double Dash GC


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Old school Mario Kart was that cutesy game that begat violence, like in bowser's castle map when you rammed a friend into lava in mid-air jumps...

I hadnt seen this 2-man buggy stuff before, only the short video they aired at E3 over a year ago. I didnt really need more hype to wanna get this one, but damn that helps. :D

Personally, i liked the SNES one better than the N64 version, here's to hopin this one dethrones that for me.

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Personally, i liked the SNES one better than the N64 version, here's to hopin this one dethrones that for me.

It was the SNES one that fucked up my exams for me! That was the best game ever. Rainbow Road.....wow! I swear to God, me and my boys'd just smoke chatch, drink beers and play Mario Kart all day. The only other game we'd play was International Super Star Soccer Deluxe. I liked the N64 one too, but the original will always have the most room in my heart.

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11/17/03 - Next Monday?!


"Double the fun! Each kart holds two racers that can switch places at any time. Choose from a huge cast of favorites, like: Luigi, Peach, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Wario and many more, and pair them up in any combination. The character in front handles the driving duties, while the character in the rear doles out damage with six different items plus eight special items that only specific characters can use.


-Reach new levels of frenzy with four-player mayhem, as each player controls two characters as they speed through Mushroom Kingdom courses.


-Place first in racing circuits to open up progressively more difficult circuits. Of course, you can have multiplayer races on any open courses or battle in arenas.


-Link the game with eight other players using a broadband adapter and race each other side-by-side using multiple game systems and multiple televisions!"


Pre-Order here at EBWorld.com and get free 2-day air shipping, plus a free demo disc that has:


Playable Demos:

Mario Party 5

F-Zero GX

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike

Sonic Heroes

Exclusive Fire Emblem Content:


Use a Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable to unlock exclusive content in your Fire Emblem game (Fire Emblem game pak, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable required).


Preview Movies:

1080° Avalanche

Kirby Air Ride

Pokémon Colosseum

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

NBA Live 2004

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Search for Bikini Bottom


And finally, to hijack SB's excellent screenshots...


(is that birdo from Mario 2..!?)









aint nothin but a g thang for wario






Is anyone else nearly as hyped about this one? :D:D Man...this could be really badass. Another cute lookin game that causes blood, mark my words!

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Funny...Yahven (old admin) was here yesterday, was sayin that's what his brother's doin: savin up for a Gamecube just for this game...might be an excellent system-seller, they better bundle it in for the holidays eh? Ill keep any out for ya US. For now, tho, the holiday bundle is the Zelda collection...not too shabby anyway!

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Well, Gamespot gave it a 7.9, and its exacly why i dont go to them, or most anyone, for reviews: their complaints are that they feel its a perfect rendition of the SNES classic, with more characters, more levels (even a number of homage ones) and such, but that it didnt diversify enough.

See, the N64 one did, in sublte ways. For instance, if i was getting housed by the computer, i got "hooked up" with better powerups...the strategy on 150cc was to stay in 2nd place till the end, cause the guy in 1st is getting fucked by people in places 5-8, which i thought was gay; no curves, if i suck, i suck, you know? I hated that.

This time, as everyone's seen, its co-op, with the option to switch out from driving to weapon/item firing at the drop of a hat, which i cant imagine not bein cool. The "skidding" you always did, then jumped for a boost, in the old tracks is now updated to a on-tap doulbe dash that sounds minorly complicated in text, but it looks like its not hard at all. No complaints from anybody on these 2, what i consider to be, rather large additions.

So, im not sure what these reviewers wanted: an RPG sidequest? Of course the 1-player mode gets old quick; this is, and always has been, a multi-player game. I only played the SNES one 1P so i could get better, and not suck. Again, i havent played it yet, its just that reviews like this confuse me. If you wanted somethin revolutionary in the genre done, thats cool, but there's a ton of other kart games. I, myself, wanted a game with co-op features & all the things i loved bout the SNES classic, and it sounds like i might just get that. :D

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oooh wow i just saw this!! this is awesome!! i used to play mario kart for hours and beat my brother every time. sometimes i let him win. but he has gamecube, maybe i'll try to bribe him to put this on his list. maybe i won't even have to pay him... :-D wow this looks pretty sweet. snes version is my favorite too, i never really got used to N64 and its 3D crap... c'mon, you're only supposed to be able to go forward and backward in a game, not everywhere!... jeez. lol, oh well, i'd play this if we got it.


btw ic, i AM a girl. see, this is me :D so there.

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