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I have seriously learned a bout a lotta interestin series from that site; Baka Neko, MH & other anime fans really oughta check it out, i think. Then again, ive been outta the loop for years, so im kinda playin catch-up. Gonna start Bererk soon, mebbe Gungrave as well, but dante has me minorly curious about Full Metal Alchemist too...

shame nobody down here watches anime in groups no more.

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Funny, Chief said the same thing, word for word back in high school, before he warned me bout the live-action La Blue Girl. :D


ps I'm gonna post more on the anime ive downloaded when i see more, but again, ive leared of some new shit from thsi site, between Peacemaker Kurogane, Hellsing, Gungrave, and even the Berserk manga.

That site is awesome.

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I've been out the loop for a while so I'm still playing catch up, but I'll give it a try.

1.Nadesico, funny ass shit.

2.Samurai champloo, from the cowboy bebop guys

3.Gundam, watch all of gundam, but fuck gundam wing.

4.Mazenkaiser, you know when the villains name is Dr.Hell you can't go wrong

5.Kenshin, so good I don't care if you seen it already it makes the list

6.Cowboy bebop, see above

7.Any thing from Miyazaki

8.Cutie honey, for your inner pervert(*Ahem*Nick).

9.please twin, not hentai but funny

10.Ranma1/2, old as hell but still the best

11.Love hina, not hentai but funny ( I think I'm repeting myself)

12.Urusei Yatsura, before ranma yet funnier

You know what I have seen about 23 years worth of anime I don't have a month to

write everything I've seen. Watch all of above and trust me on this. Ask nick about me. I got him hooked on so many books or anime I have yet to dissapoint him.

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Yes....it is all true. I have seen these spindals he speaks of, I have also seen his monster computer. (all the hard drives he is talking about are in one computer)


That has a key to lock it when he leaves...

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Heh..."Wicked City" is one gratuitous piece-a-shit. As far as recommendations, you should be sure to watch any and all Miyazaki film (Mononoke, Spirited Away are musts), Ghost In The Shell and Akira are great action films. Also, I just got back from seeing Steamboy in theaters...it's definately worth your time.

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