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I heard about this one a little while back and it does sound cool. Moyneux is one of the few truly creative, original people in the PC game business, so this looks really cool. Mind you, if it were just another shitty budget sim game (Movie Tycoon!) I wouldn't even look at it, but in the hands of a good designer, this looks fun as hell.

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No doubt this would be great if they can pull it off, but to make it work this game would probably have to be too complicated to be possible. I don't know... I'll see how it works out. Maybe it will succeed where the ill-fated "Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair" failed.

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I found this game at half priced books for $5 and am having a blast with it. I dont understand how the game's online community didnt last longer.


I give you my first film: Dead by Dark. It is awful, with even worse voiceovers, all by Me! So much fun to make these though

just finished my sequel too :p

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