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Sony's new Playstation


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Today I'm jackin Gameforms' E3 news like i get commission


Today, Sony announced a new console which functions as a Playstation 2 and set-top box at the same time. In addition to the ability to run PS2 software, it includes a built-in 120GB hard drive, Ethernet adapter, TV and broadcast satellite tuner, and DVD burner. Interestingly enough, Sony has chosen to name the new console “PSX.”


Sony plans to market the device as a high-end electronics device since it has all the necessary hardware to deliver downloadable music and movies as well as to pause and record live TV. To reflect this distinction from dedicated game consoles, marketing will actually be handled by Sony's Home Electronics Division instead of Sony Computer Entertainment.


The PSX also boasts a sleek new design with a slot-loading DVD drive in front and most of the connectors, including the controller ports, in the back. Instead of PS2 memory cards, the PSX supports Sony memory sticks. While memory sticks can hold significantly more data than PS2 memory cards, it’s still unclear how easily gamers can use their existing PS2 save files on this new system.


While a price has not yet been named for the new system, Sony plans to release it in Japan by the end of this year. North American and European releases are planned for sometime in 2004.


Click here to see the first photos of PSX.



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Is that really marketable? The only people who would be really interested in it are gamers because, despite all the other bells and whistles and ricketa-racketa, the biggest component is still the PS2. But gamers aren't going to be willing to pay 1000+ for a system, no matter how many extras it has on it.

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