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Spider Powers


What's your favorite Spiderpower?  

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Spiderman got a pretty good mix of powers. That's actually kinda rare in today's comix where a single identifiable power seems more the norm.



I go for the Spider sense. When I first thought about it, I thought, 'what's that got to do with spiders' but have you ever tried to kill one of them? It's like they've got eyes in the back of their heads. huh? They do?


Still, SPidersense is damn cool. It'd be nice to know when my boss was lurking around the place.

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Guest Yahve

Spidersense without the speed or agility to react to it would drive me nuts. I would turn into a very paranoid individual. I chose superhuman strength. With that base it would be easier to train and gain great agility and decent speed on my own accounts. They key is having that mad spider constitution. Having superhuman speed without strength would only allowmyself to get hurt faster :( Having all that agility would make me a damned good olimpic gymnast, but for my own style of living, it would be kinda boring. Id feel i were cheating at any sport hehe. I can think of fun kayaking, rock climbing, skiing and all kinds of wacky stuff that can be done with strength.


And the ability to move a car that took your parking space all on your own is not a fact to be overlooked. :sly:

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I love the idea of the spider sense. It's one that's fairly original among superpowers. I however went with webslinging. Why? Because it looks so freaking fun. If you play the Spider-Man video game (the one based on the movie), that's the best part. Of course, for me, wallcrawling is the other half to that. Webslinging wouldn't be half as funny without wallcrawling.


Of course, his best power wasn't even an option. His spidey sense of humor. Damn those are some clever one-liners. That's what makes Spidey so great to read. Reading a comic with a guy beating up a super-villian: Boring! Reading a comic with a guy beating up a super-villain while bitterly insulting him: Entertainment gold! It was so degrading to villians to have this punk running circles around them in teh insult department while being beaten up. That was really an element missing from the movie. It was there a little bit, but the movie could have used a bit, or maybe alot, more of it. Not sure if anyone's noticed this before, but if you every watched the show Batman Beyond, Terry McGinnis mimicked the Spidey sense of humor almost exactly, not that it was a bad thing.

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I'd go with web-slinging if it was like in the video game. But in that game have you ever noticed that he never actually shoots the webs at buildings when he's swinging? Real-life swinging would be a pain in the ass. Actually it'd probably be a pain in the face considering how many buildings I'd run into. And there aren't any buldings around here to swing from, even if I did manage to master it. Well, there's two. That'd get old real fast. Back and forth, back and forth. I think I'd pick wall-crawling. I dunno why. Super strength or speed would be fun but I think I'd end up accidentally pulling my steering wheel of my car or something. And agility would be great, but there's only so much you could do. It'd be great to just climb up a building and hang out on a roof when you wanna get away for a while. So, yeah. wall-climbing.


And you're right, Jax, the movie needed more Spidey-sense-of-humor. The only one I can remember was "That's a nice outfit. Did your husband make it for you?"

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I did consider Spider Humor as a throwaway choice, but then I realized that way too many people would choose it and screw up the poll.


I think, though, that we all actually do have spider humor powers. After all, who doesn't know how to shit talk, whether they're winning or losing?

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Good ideas so far, even on the comebacks. Cool poll, Jumbie. I wanna do a Wolvy one, but ive got an entire X-men one comin based on recent conversations with Junker.

The strength...youre underestimating here; he can toss cars. Spidey sense is cool as fuck but yahven has a point too. Web-slinging would cause me to lead a very short (but cool as fuck) life...ill take the agility, m'self. I'm a fan of that...strength can be built. Granted, not that to that extent, but to a pretty fair amount, and the agility would be much more fun...havent you ever wanted to move like Jackie Chan, but even easier? Agility alla way.

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I would like the wall crawling ability. Although I think it's almost tied with agility. But with the wall crawling ability, I can almost disappear out of any kind of jam, hide out and use some crazy stealth stuff. With the stength thing it may be too easy too damage cars in your way only waiting for a new lawsuit. The webslinging is cool but like what silent bob said, it's kinda boring since there's not many buildings here in Florida. I'd also agree that spider sense is useless without agility. But that tongue ability looks tempting. Hmmm..........

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The webslinging is cool but like what silent bob said, it's kinda boring since there's not many buildings here in Florida.

Hah...not like NY anyway. When i was younger, i thought Spidey was cool as hell, but used to wonder: what if he had to chase a bad guy into the desert or somethin? He'd have to walk an awful lot...maybe he'd try to jump like the Hulk or somethin but that seemed silly too.

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Yeah, if a villian goes out into the desert, he whips out his spidey cell phone and gets another hero on the case.


"Let's see, I need to call someone who can move fast in open areas...hmmm...I got it, The Flash! Let's see, what's his number again...Damnit, he's DC! Who's the Marvel rip off of The Flash? Quicksilver. Damnit, he's evil!"

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Speakin of spider-powers...he's got some new ones!



As then old sea charts used to say: THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD


While the majority of Spider-Man controversy was going on due to JMS’ “sins past” storyline in Amazing Spider-Man involving the children of Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy returning to bedevil Peter Parker, a major change in Spider-Man has occurred over in Spectacular Spider-Man. Due to the changes Peter Parker underwent through the four-part “Changes” arc (#17-#20, part of “Avengers Disassembled”), he now has organic webshooters in his wrists – just like his film counterpart.


Yeah, let’s let that sink in.


Back before the first Spider-Man film was made, word of Peter Parker’s possible organic webshooters caused a furor among fans who felt that Spider-Man should have mechanical webshooters, just like in the comic. So strong was the opposition to the idea of Spider-Man having organic webshooters that several fans pooled their resources to create the (now defunct) website, www.no-organic-webshooter.com. The film came out, Peter had the organics, the comic version kept his mechanical ones (even though there were rumors of him getting organics), and the earth kept spinning.


More rumors of Spider-Man exchanging his mechanical shooters for organics continued to pop up now and then, only to not happen again and again. This time, the rumors were right.


“We came up with the story to give Peter the organic shooters shortly before the ‘Avengers Disassembled’ storyline was conceived, as a story we wanted to do sometime within the next year,” Spectacular Spider-Man editor Tom Brevoort told Newsarama. “Then, as Disassembled began to take shape, with the overarching idea being to put the individual characters through something life-changing, the timing seemed to be right--especially since the point of involving Spidey in Disassembled was to prime the pump for him to appear in New Avengers.”


As for why the change, Brevoort points to the fact that’s going to be tough for many comic book and long-time Spider-Man fans to swallow: at this point in time, a larger audience is more familiar with a Spider-Man with organic webshooters than without.


“Thanks to the two Spider-Man movies, that's how most of the world thinks of him at this point to begin with,” Brevoort explained. “Beyond that, it's been so long since anybody really made an issue of Spidey's web-shooters in the books - when was the last time you saw Spidey run out of webbing? Need to fill up the cartridges? - that it's relatively inconsequential to how the character operates on a day-to-day basis. Of greater consequence in the short term is what effect his newly-enhanced spider-sense has on him, and how his experiences dealing with Captain America during the course of this storyline impact on his upcoming role in New Avengers.”


Oh yeah – did we forget to mention the enhanced Spider-Sense?


“First off, it isn't really talking to insects per se so much as it is a heightening of certain attributes of Spidey's spider-sense--you'll see some of this in play as the months go by.


“We could probably have been a little more clear about this, but the ‘insect hum’ is more a function of Pete's spider-sense than anything else--it's operating at a higher, more attuned level than ever before. So beyond just being a passive danger sense, Spidey's now a bit more in tune with his environment, picking up not so much words as primal signals from the spiders and insect life in the general vicinity. It's like trading up to HDTV.”


As Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada has said, he knows that an idea is a good one if half his editorial staff cheers, and the other half recoils in horror. So which side of the line was Brevoort on?


“I was pretty much nonplussed. As I said earlier, nobody's done all that much with Spidey's web-shooters since Roger Stern had him install the warning light that'd tell him when they were about to run dry. It certainly didn't seem like as big a deal to me as it is to that segment of the audience that's aghast that we'd do such a thing.”


Of course, as for those who’d be aghast, Brevoort had a plan: “I waited until they were all worked up and distracted over Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn, and then tried to sneak it through the back door...”


In terms of getting into the specifics of the shooters, say, for example, in this post-CSI world, is Peter’s DNA in the webbing? , Brevoort said that more will become clear in the coming months.


“He's certainly creating the webbing from the stuff of his body, though the precise mechanics of that process haven't as yet been revealed,” Brevoort said. “And I see no reason why he couldn't run out, if he were undernourished or exhausted, or had used up a considerable amount in a short period of time. As for the rest of the answers--stay tuned!”


And yes, despite the somewhat ‘disconnected’ feel of the Spider-titles, the changes to Spider-Man are not a Spectacular-only change. “These changes will be acknowledged in Amazing Spider-Man and Marvel Knights Spider-Man, but they will not be plot-points,” said Spider-Man group editor Axel Alonso. “They will not drive the story. Any major developments in that arena will be revealed in the remaining issues of Spectacular.”


The exploration of the changes will be somewhat light in November’s issue #21, as Brevoort went into a little detail about what’s coming up in the final issues of the title, which will be ending with issue #27.


“#21 is much more about Spidey's relationship with the super hero community than the particulars of his new evolution. It's in #22 that we start to get a sense as to how these mutations affect him and his interactions with the world around him.


“Issues #21 and #22 aren't an arc per se, but a return to the single issue stories that had been a hallmark of Paul's Spider-Man work in the past. So in #21, Spidey is invited for the first time to the Thing's annual charity poker game, but somebody crashes the party and raises the stakes in a significant way. But it's a lighter, more upbeat Spidey story than we've seen of late, one that really showcases Spider-Man's interactions with the other heroes in the Marvel U.


“Then, in #22, we move more to tragedy as Spidey comes face-to-face with his old foe the Mindworm, who's sunken to a new low and is living on the streets--and broadcasting his misery telepathically for a square city block. And Spidey has to grapple with the question of how much of this is his fault, how much is he responsible for the Mindworm's sorry state, and what he can do to solve a problem that can't be dealt with by punching somebody in the jaw. Beyond that is our four-part follow-up to the events of ‘Sins Past’ over in Amazing, guest-written by Samm Barnes.”


As for how long the organic shooters will stick around? “It's as permanent as anything is in the wonderful world of comics--which is to say that this wasn't done as a throwaway or as a temporary thing, but was meant as a permanent change,” Brevoort said. “But you never know what may happen down the road. That said, I think the fact that these characters can still grow and evolve and change is one of the highlights of their appeal--especially when we can sucker punch people with a change that they didn't see coming or read about months in advance. Keeps things interesting, y'know?”










fanboys are in an uproar, that its "biting off the movie"....if Strazinsky has a path to go on with this, i say do it. Cause this arc itself was really weak overall: Mary Jane way outta character, no "Dissasembled" tie in at all, just....i was surprised they made this move in this arc.

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Spidey is like Aquaman now!


Spidey had organic webshooters when he had the alien symbiote costume, so it's not that big a deal.


I dont' care much about this as long as they don't want to make this a permanent change. It'll evidently go back to the way it's supposed to be. Anyone remember...Electric Superman?




Anyone remember thinking "how can it get any gayer than this?" then, as if DC could read your thoughts, to answer your question, the decided "the only way to make this twice as gay is..."



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