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This is truely a dark time for the moving picture

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This could be so bad it would funny if it didn't look like it was so bad it was a tragedy. This looks like potentially, the worst premise for a full length motion picture of all time, and I don't say that lightly. Just thinking about how many good movies could be made with the money that was spent on this one saddens me and gives me little hope for the future of humanity. There is no hope. Brace yourselves and prepare to lose all faith you have in anything good and pure: http://www.freeserve.com/thunder...._hi.mov

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I know, isn't it horrible? I wonder, if you write that script, or irect the film, or product it, or are in anyway creatively responsible for a film like that, are you actually proud of it? Do you like tell girls you're trying to pick up about it, or even tell your family? I can't see how anyone could be proud of having to do anything with that movie. I'm ashamed enough to admit to myself I live on the same planet and belong to the same to the same species as the creators of this film.

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Thunderpants came out on DVD in the U.S. like, a year ago. Maybe a bit more. I had no idea it had been sitting on a shelf for 5 or 6 years. I love the conversations about this on the imdb boards.


GREAT FUN but too complex

by StainesRobertson (Sat Jun 23 2007 19:37:30)

dont get me wrong this is a life2life film. my kids adored, just ADORED it.


however, i was lost after the first 10 minutes but the smelly air jokes just made this the perfect "Wednesday Love-Match" film. One day, when I have kids, I will certainley watch this with them. Even if i will have to get my brain into gear! just such a complex plot that almost ruined this film....i have a 'dache(headache).




Ground Control to Major John.



Waitaminute, did his kids adore it, or is he going to watch this film with his kids when he has them? No matter. Moving on.


Re: GREAT FUN but too complex

by ReallyGoodName (Thu Jul 26 2007 15:42:30)


Are you serious?



e: GREAT FUN but too complex

by Nizzemancer-1 (Sat Dec 27 2008 22:05:11)


"To complex"?!


What are you? five? It was a series of fart-jokes where the most complex thing was the plot hole involving NASA using flatulence to power a rocket designed by kids...


And yeah, this movie, for the lack of a better word stinks...


A Charming Little Film..., 18 July 2006


Author: buffyologist from United Kingdom


I find it very hard to understand why this film is #89 on th IMDb bottom 100 movies. Although the initial premise of a boy with huge gas problems may not sound appealing, it's actually a good film. Quality acting from all involved (including Rupert Grint, and a tiny teensy role for Keira Knightley), and a sweet central storyline of the two boys friendship. It's obviously not taking itself too seriously, and the only reason I can think that people wouldn't like it is because they expect too much of it. Kids will love it. Adults will find it amusing. And I adored the colour scheme! The continued green theme gave the film an original edge that sets it apart from typical 'kid' films. A good one to watch on a rainy afternoon.




I think my favorite review ever, of all time (sorry Kanye) is of Theodore Rex.





Possibly the greatest cinematic experience of all time!!!!, 10 May 2006


Author: cjlawrence83 from United States


Theodore Rex is possibly the greatest cinematic experience of all time, and is certainly a milestone in human culture, civilization and artistic expression!! In this compelling intellectual masterpiece, Jonathan R. Betuel aligns himself with the great film makers of the 20th century, such as Francis Ford Copola, Martin Scorcese, Orson Welles and Roman Polanski. The special effects are nothing less than breathtaking, and make any work by Spielberg look trite and elementary. At the time of it's release, Theodore Rex was such a revolutionary gem that it raised the bar of film-making to levels never anticipated by film makers. The concept of making not just a motion picture featuring a dinosaur, but adapting an action packed, thrilling detective novel, co-staring a "talking" dinosaur with a post-modern name such as "Theodore", and an existential female police officer changed humanity as we know it. The world could never be the same after experiencing such magnificent beauty. Watching Theodore Rex is much akin to looking into the face of God and hearing Him say "you are my most beloved creation." This is one of the few films that is simply TO DIE FOR!!!

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