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Tarentino on Pulp Fiction 2


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Pulp Fiction 2?!?! It Could Happen...

Posted By Ashish on 10.14.03


The words come straight from Tarantino himself...


The man of the hour, Quentin Tarantino, looks to have a few more tricks up his sleeve. New Zealand's Aotearoa News reports that the director is considering some kind of sequel/follow-up to Pulp Fiction that would take the place of the rumored Vega Brothers movie.


Vega Brothers was set to be about John Travolta's character from Pulp Fiction and Michael Madsen's character from Reservoir Dogs, but the project never got off the ground.


"That's something I always planned on doing, but other projects took precedence," Tarantino said. "Ten years on, John Travolta's getting older, Michael's getting older. I don't think they'd even want to do it. Not that that's the last hope audiences have of seeing more of Vic or Vincent Vega. There's an idea I have a Pulp Fiction follow-up. Sequels generally suck, so it's nothing I want to rush into. But bottom line: the studio wants it, the fans want it. I'm sure I can compromise somewhere. It'd be my way of apologizing for never getting 'Vega Brothers' off the ground I guess. That way, we could get John, we could get Michael, and we could get Sam and Tim...everyone back. It would be interesting to see whatever happened to Jules and his plans to 'walk the earth.' Hey, just having Michael and John in the same frame would be great. They're great. But that said, I got to write such a thing."


Credit: Cinecon.com

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But wait a sec...you couldn't have the Vega brothers in a sequel, that would have to be a prequel. But then you couldn't have Jules walking the earth in a prequel, that'd have to be a sequel. But then you couldn't have them as two completely separate storylines either because the best parts of Pulp Fiction involved the dialogue between Vince and Jules.


.....not that time or anything like that has ever mattered to Quentin Tarantino.

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Yeah, this seems like it's going to be too forced, and if Kill Bill has taught us nothing else, it's that Tarentino still has the capacity for creating great new characters and storyline. Theirs no need for him to rely on old characters and storylines cause the fresh new ones are still the shit. Madsen and Travolta are too old to play versions of the characters even younger than they were over 10 years ago. But...


Minor Kill Bill Spoiler ahead, please highlight:


But he did great work on the 15 minute anime sequence in Kill Bill. Maybe he could write and direct (in collaboration with an experienced anime director) an anime movie with Madsen and Travolta on voice detail. The Animatrix and Kill Bill have proven that American film makers can collaborate with anime directors to produce incredible results. I think maybe it's time to step it up to feature lenght...

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