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Who-Ha! Since the Punisher is wrapping up soon and being relaunched as a MAX title (woo-hoo!) Garth Ennis' final arc on the regular series, entitled 'Confederacy of Dunces', goes out on a high note by pitting Frank against three of Marvel's Big Wigs - Spiderman, Daredevil and Wolverine. I've only read the first part (the second part came out earlier today, but I really couldn't be fagged going all the way to the comic book store today) and I'm pretty psyched about it.


I think it was over at the Bendis' Board that someone was accusing Ennis of doing this because the co-stars are from 3 Marvel movie franchises (and The Punisher is in the works and The Hulk - who'll show up also in the arc had his shot at celluloid fame, albeit with a whole loada Hulk-cock) but whoever said that mustn’t have read any of Ennis' run as;


i) In the "Welcome Back Frank" mini, the Punisher knocked the shit outta Daredevil and put him in a Catch 22 situation to test his convictions, which although not as sadistic as alot of Ennis' stuff, was really effective. You could tell that it really messed with Matt Murdock's head.


ii) Spiderman appeared really early on in the regular series, getting his ass kicked by the large-breasted Russian..




iii) Wolverine got torn a new asshole by Frank later on in the series...face shot off, rolled over by a steam-roller etc.


So not only do they wanna take him out as he's a horrible bastard, they all have personal vendettas against him (even if they're reluctant to admit it). If anyone read "Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe", which I was lucky enough to pick up when it first came out, and then later on got signed by Ennis when I met him, they'll know that Frank is more than able to knock the shit out of any hero, from shooting Cyclops in the face to blowing up Dr. Doom's head (what is it with Ennis and head injuries?).


I obviously know that Frank ain't gonna kill off alla these guys - but I'm sure he'll kick a few shades of shit into 'em anyways.


And more power to him.

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I gotta say; im hyped. This Ennis/Mcrea "fuck superheroes" team is very reminiscent of Hitman - 2T, if you didnt read that one, you really should.


This arc - also called "Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe..again!?", is looking like a load of fun. Issue 1 sets it up well: DD is clearly the brains here, and simply recognizes the Punisher's lengthy career - lets bite the bullet; if he was in vietnam, he's in his late 40's/early 50's at least, and that's an awful lotta killing. DD decides its time he payed the piper and was broght to trail - granted, he got the least humiliation, but as 2T pointed out, Frank really got under his skin.

The other 2 - especially m'boy Wolvy - are more about vendettas. While were on Wolverine: Darick Robertson was dead-on here. Ennis made him out to be chatty midget bitch, but pointing out this cheezy charicature that marvel's badass had become really opened the door for writers like Greg Rucka to point to it & say "this 'canucklehead' shit is what were leaving behind; fuck pages of inner monologue, let the artist speak". It was over-the-top, but Frank Tieri (then-Wolvy writer...mediocre) did a "revenge" issue, it wasnt very good.

So, yeah, Ennis respects DD, but makes Spidey out to be a dumb, joking kid, and Wolvy's a hick who buys into his own bullshit too much. And all 3 are taking Frank down..considering the weak last few arcs of the book, I couldnt be more excited about Ennis' idea to go out with a bang; if youre gonna relaunch (again) into MAX to keep up with the upcoming movie, at least have a blast goin out. Lemme see if i can find those online preview pages...



the second part came out earlier today


:D You sure man...? I think part one just made it out the other week; was at the comic shop today & didnt see it...lemme know, ill go back tomorrow just to grab a copy if youre right.

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the second part came out earlier today


:D You sure man...? I think part one just made it out the other week; was at the comic shop today & didnt see it...lemme know, ill go back tomorrow just to grab a copy if youre right.

The Punisher #34 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by Garth Ennis, with art by John McCrea and Danny Miki and a cover by Tim Bradstreet.

Here's how Marvel describes the issue:

"'Confederacy of Dunces,' part 2 of 5. It might be The Punisher's final hour as Daredevil, Spider-Man and Wolverine team up to bring Frank Castle's killing spree to an end. And what does the Hulk have to do with it all?"

The Punisher #34 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.99. 


Oooups...maybe it meant next wednesday...I only figured out that today was Thursday (well, Friday if ya wanna be technical, but fuck that for a game of soldiers)...that's what 7 straight days of work'll getcha..sorry 'bout that. I kinda jumped the gun.


So, yeah, Ennis respects DD, but makes Spidey out to be a dumb, joking kid


Aw, t'be fair Garth did show Spidey respect in the "Thousand" arc for "The Tangled Web", which also was pencilled by McCrea. As for reading "Hitman", I have a sporadic collection of issues. That being said they're all back in the Emerald Isle, so I might just pick up the trades (which never were finished :D ) to fill in the gaps.


I just really wanna know how the Hulk is gonna fit into the equation. So help me God if they all team up to fight him Ennis better do something good with it...

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Heh..postin in both boards, i cant say shit cause ive done it too..but man, that Weapon-X guy, he's what some might call a merchant of cock-and-balls.

Incidentally, issue 2 of this comes out in a few days, ill post back here on it (by the way, do you mind when i fuck with the titles of your threads down here? I only do it for clarity, hopin others might get interested...if ya mind, lemme know, ill leave it be).

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(by the way, do you mind when i fuck with the titles of your threads down here? I only do it for clarity, hopin others might get interested...if ya mind, lemme know, ill leave it be).

(insert Tim Allen grunt here)


My friend I have no idea what you're talking about...


As f'r putting the thread here and on the Bendis Board (it was here first, much love ya'll :D) I just figured it'd be fun t'actually get a few thoughts on the arc so far. I've learnt that Ennis is a hack. And it was worth it alone for that :D


I dunno if I'll venture down t'the comic book store tomorrow, maybe Friday as I gots the day off. I'm gonna need some stuff t'read for my trip down t'Red Bank on Sunday...

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I've learnt that Ennis is a hack.

Yeah, ya learn somethin new everyday... :D


Aw, Red Bank's this weekend? Damn man, make sure to post on how it goes, that's gotta be cool. Oh, and yeah, I'll review up here tomorrow or thursday, whenever the new book gets read.

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Yep this sunday it is - I have a stoopid fucking meeting in work at 8 that day, so I'll be up at 6.30, out the door at 7, a stoopid half hour meeting at 8, back home at 9.30, then I'll be hopping on the train about 2. I'm gonna get a few in before hand and then at 6 I'll be in. Should be fun!


I bet I'll be the first drunk t'be kicked outta the Stash. Maybe I can ask him why the IMDB keeps playing games with my heart, telling me that Preacher's coming out (fill in current year here), is produced by him and Mosier, but never happens...

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Wolvie got fucked up!


I just wanna know if there'll be any mobsters left for the MAX series...Frank seems t'be offing 'em all. McCrea's art seems to be slipping a bit. Dunno if I was happy with it.


Also d'ya reckon that Frank'll use the Hulk (I'm presuming it was Banner in the back of the van - then again wouldn't Frank've known it was before he watched the tape?) the same way he used the polar bear in "Welcome Back Frank"? Now that was classy...

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Hah..yeah my boy takes a beatin.

You think its Banner in the back? Could be, i know they gotta tie Hulk into it somehow...and as for Mcrea, yeah he's not top of his form here, but...it really, really looks like Hitman, and i fuckin loved that book, so i dont mind one bit.

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Nice cover...is it Bradstreet? Gotta admit, i liked his shit at first, but i have no idea how to tell one issue from the next anymore.

As for your "Born" questions...youre just talkin bout the voice in his head, right? I dunno man, i know Ennis said he wanted to lead Punisher into a darker route post-Born, but i wouldnt hold my breath for Born references...just assume its death, mephisto, etc....i mean, who else could it be? You dont want him tyin it up into the old "angels vs demon" arc, do you..? :ill:

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Hey 2Track if you want to finish reading Hitman you can head on over to http://www.suprnova.org and go to the Comics section. There you can download the entire run of Hitman including the annuals and his first appearance. Be warned though the files are HUGE, you cant really download it unless you have a broadband connection.

I'd recommend downloading this program to view the files: http://www.geocities.com/davidayton/CDisplay


This is all highly ilegal by the way :D

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:D Ok, I dont know where your having the trouble so I'll start at the top. First you need to download and install a BitTorrent program, I use this one: http://bitconjurer.org/BitTorrent/download.html . After you install it go to http://www.suprnova.org, find the file you want then right click it and 'Save Target As...' store it somwhere like My Documents/My Torrent Files or something. Now double click the file you just saved on your computer, a window should pop up telling you that it 'connecting to peers' after a minute or so it should start downloading.


After the file is downloaded get the CDisplay program and load it up. When it loads up with the grey backgorund, right click on it and and go to Load Files, then find and open the file you just downloaded, it should end in .CBZ or .CBR or sometimes just .ZIP or .RAR.


P.S. I downloaded the entire run of Transmet last week, that is one classy book :D

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I picked up part three today and the story is still rolling along nicely. I gotta say though, the one thing that's really letting it down in John McCrea's artwork. I know he's not all that to begin with, but this issue just seems..well...sloppy. There's some funny stuff with Soap in there too (getting beaten up by the little girls was pretty good, but the fantasy he had took the biscuit) and what Frank did to Wolverine...well...that was pretty hardcore.




Banner and the amnesia....not so hot...

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New arc looks good, according to Newsarama...





With November’s issue #13, Garth Ennis begins the third arc of the Punisher MAX series with a guest star and a new locale: Nick Fury and Russia, respectively. The six part “Mother Russia” arc sees Frank Castle headed to the Russia as a favor…well, not so much a favor, more of a mission. Well, not so much of a mission, a suicide mission – something no sane man would even think about.


“He's got to bring someone back, not kill them - although he ends up killing a lot of people while he's doing the job, which I'm sure will come as no surprise,” Ennis told Newsarama. “It may seem strange, sending Frank on a rescue mission, but Fury has very specific reasons for doing exactly that.


“Fury explains why he's not doing the job himself in the first episode—he has his eye on the bigger picture, let's say. He also needs to keep an eye on guys who are bankrolling the whole operation--which, as it turns out, is very nearly the most crucial part of the whole affair.”


Right, right, right – we hear the question – Frank Castle may be many, many things, but he’s not a mercenary. That doesn’t stop Fury who, as has been shown lately in the Marvel Universe, seems to have the goods on just about everyone, from Castle to Forbush Man, and isn’t afraid to use any means necessary to get people to do his bidding.


“Fury makes Frank an offer he can't refuse,” Ennis said. “Not in any kind of sinister or threatening sense; it's a straight business arrangement, and what Fury puts on the table is too good for Frank to turn down.”


And yes, in Ennis’ eyes, Castle and Fury know one another, and, more importantly, share a bond of sorts that Frank will never share with the likes of Daredevil, Spider-Man, or any of the other pajama-wearing do-gooders. “I imagine Frank and Fury have run into each other at various points in their relative pasts, particularly when Frank was up to all that black ops unpleasantness in Vietnam. There's a reference to precisely that in the first episode, in fact.


“Fury most probably sees a bit of a "road not taken" in Frank; they're essentially the same breed of Special Forces combat-junkie. Fury got to channel that into his spymaster/super-commando role, playing dice with the fate of the world at stake; things went badly wrong for Frank, and he took his war into darker territory altogether. For more immediate, practical purposes, Fury sees Frank as the ultimate practitioner of their brutal, violent art - the very best in the business, the guy he needs to do this job.”


So – as to some more specifics about what Frank is doing for Fury – retrieve a civilian prisoner from a Russian secure facility and return them to the US intact (and alive). Beyond that, Ennis only tossed out a few key phrases: “half an army standing in his way, hijacked airliner, sinister hidden agenda of Fury's backers, old-school Russian General with very definite opinions on the subject of compromise, incredibly vicious close-range firefights, Frank getting more and more pissed, missile silo with a dozen nukes ready to go.


“I’ll also say that initially it's just business. Once he starts the job, however, Frank discovers certain aspects that make the whole thing a little more personal for him.


“I think there'll be a lot of surprises for people in this story: the action is pretty spectacular, but the dark and secret shit going on in the background is almost more intense- and when all the scheming and plotting suddenly goes out of control, things get very bad on a level no one was quite ready for. This leaves Frank with no option but to pull a trick of his own, at which point any of our cast who haven't already shit themselves promptly do so. Let's just say our hero reveals an impressive ability to think outside the box... and, finally, we'll see a side to Frank that we don't often see - a pretty surprising side, under the circumstances.”


You don’t have to be following international news religiously to think that Russia just might be a place Frank would feel more than a little at home in, given the widespread corruption and well…looser standards in regards to law and order. If you’d think that, you’d think right.


“Frank certainly interprets the Rules of Engagement more loosely than usual on this job,” Ennis said. “Not so much because he's in Russia, more because he's operating in a military rather than a civilian environment. So we're not too far into the story before he declares the immediate vicinity a free-fire zone - and sets to work with the appropriate enthusiasm.


But given that Russia could be seen as almost heaven on earth for the Punisher, Ennis said Castle has lots of work to be done back home. “He's a methodical boy, our Frank. The idea that he'd stay in Russia just because the killing's easier suggests a randomness that I don't think Frank possesses- it'd be a lot easier in Afghanistan or Nigeria, too, but what did those people ever do to him? He needs a specific reason to leave his home turf, either pursuing a particularly loathsome scumbag, or - as in this case - business.”


“Mother Russia” parts 1 and 2 ship in November, and are illustrated by Dougie Braithwaite.









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The last few arcs have been top-notch, for those not reading Marvel's only MAX title left...Newsarama interviews Alonso (editor)...




A Quick Punisher Word With Axel Alonso


Two-ish years ago, the move of Marvel’s Punisher characters to its adults-only MAX line was an admitted experiment. Sure, it made sense that Marvel’s killing machine would operate better in a world where people could act like…well, people, rather than PG-13 analogues, but still, comics aimed solely at an adult audience have always had something of a glass ceiling.


So – two years later? The Punisher is still punishing, and as far as health goes, it’s one of Marvel’s more stable titles, and will shortly be the only title being published under Marvel's MAX imprint.


Obviously, much of the Punisher’s popularity is due to writer Garth Ennis, who’s able to spread his wings the way he’d always wanted to with the character under the MAX imprint. “Making Punisher a Max title was something we’d pondered for some time,” said series editor Axel Alonso. “We figured Garth might enjoy the extra latitude, and he did.  The move to the different label was not a prerequisite – posed by either side – for him to stay in the title, though.


“Garth is very confident in his take on the Punisher.  He’s defined Frank Castle as a man with a very simple agenda, who is completely focused on that agenda.  Who is not distracted.  Who is not sentimental.  He has a code, yes -- one that does not allow civilian casualties -- but that doesn’t make him a good guy.  By defining Frank like this, and sticking to it, Garth has made the Punisher into something more akin to a force of nature than a man.  And that’s makes him more unsettling.”


As could be expected, the move to MAX was made by Frank alone. Functionally, he moved himself outside of the Marvel Universe, which is fine with Alonso. “I can speak for only myself on this point - I enjoyed Garth’s Marvel Knights run, but I think he was a little uninspired by the end of it.  I didn’t think that he was really comfortable with the Wolverine and Hulk cameos.  It just didn’t ring true.  I thought there was a quantum leap when he started writing under the Max imprint.”


As Alonso sees it, the extra latitude he mentioned means that Ennis can write without having to pull punches – something, Alonso said, has opened cases and cases of new story ideas for the writer.


“Part of this has to do with the fact that Garth’s never at a loss to create three-dimensional supporting characters – like the two cops in [the current storyline] ‘The Slavers,’ Marcie and Russ, who give the book some heart, where Frank’s is just shy of a big, black pit in his chest.  And part of this has to do with the fact that Garth’s got an unlimited capacity to write the kind of villains who really deserve what’s coming to them.  Readers enjoy seeing them punished.”


And, keeping with the harsher reality of MAX, Alonso explained, the Punisher has had to trade in some of his “sooperhero” nature for a bitchslap of reality. Not that he was invincible before this, but now…well… “Frank abides by the same laws of gravity that we do in the real world,” Alonso said. “Which is to say, if he gets shot, he’s gonna have to get stitched.  And Spider-Man is not going to show up to help him.”


Likewise, Under Ennis and Alonso, the Punisher can handle more realistic stories, without being seen through a comic book filter. In other words, no fighting mermen that come out of the ocean.


“In issue #25, Frank gets on the trail of a gang of hardcore thugs from the Badlands of Eastern European.  These a hard men – the kind who play soccer with severed heads, who wire captives with explosive and send them staggering home to their families – so he can’t afford to underestimate them.  And he won’t.  But there’s an additional complication: One of the top guys in the organization has got connections in the NYPD.  He calls in a favor, and before you know it, there’s a task force out to capture the Punisher.  So basically, the story’s got Frank playing a dual role -- hunter and hunted -- and it puts him in a bad position: Frank’s got no problem squeezing off a round into the head of a criminal, but what about a cop who’s drawn on him?


“The drama is played out against more of what you’d call a real-world backdrop.  Besides that, Garth has created a pair of uniformed cops – Marcie and Russ – who play a key role in the story and who are, for all intents and purposes, its sole heroes.”


“The Slavers” runs through issue #30, and from there? More Ennis, more Punisher, Alson said, hinting that the title may just be the one that will have to be pried from the writer’s cold, dead fingers some day in the far future.


And for Alonso? What rewards does working on the book bring?


“Well, for one thing, Punisher is one of the titles I can give my father to read.  It’s a gritty crime thriller – what’s not to understand?  As for stories I’m proud of, I’m particularly fond if this arc, and the one coming up just after this.  I think the title is finding its second gear.


“In short, I’m glad to be editing a book like this.  Simple as that.”








That's the best Punisher art ive seen since Darick Robertson, personally.

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Tragically, no oedipus-Soap returning. This MAX book is still a really strong title though, with Ennis still not running low on plots....setting it up with Born was brilliant, too.


If anyone read "Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe", which I was lucky enough to pick up when it first came out, and then later on got signed by Ennis when I met him,


Wait, what the....when did you meet Ennis?!

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