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Finding Nemo DVD Review

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OK, I have a shitload of DVDs. I recently had to retire my 208 sleeve CD Wallet because it couldn't hold them all, and upgraded to a 320 CD Wallet. But last tuesday, I purchased the one that would become my favorite of them all.




First of all, any true movie buff can tell you (as this Drawing the Line strip illustrates) Widescreen is the only way to go. But for this disc, since the movie is from digital source, instead of cropping the screen to get fullscreen, it actually extends in up and down! They actuallu rendered it to have everything the widescreen version has, and more! That's the most badass thing ever!


Secondly, the special features are always in a light mood. Instead of taking themselves seriously, they joke that the story department is always sleeping, the character design guy just plays the ucelale (sp?) all day, the animation department just plays video games, and the lighting department bite potato chips into the shape of sharks and turtles. The special feature are just always entertaining.


There are tons of easter eggs with hilarious little 3 second scenes (most involving Dory).


If you only own one DVD, this is the DVD to own! Get it now!

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Heh, thanks for the shoutout, there, Jax. Fitting that you used the DTL strip with the Finding Nemo reference in it, too (Sharkbait, ooh-haha!).


Yeah, Pixar's dvds are always top-notch, and this is definitely one of, if not the best one they've done. And I didn't think they could top the "Supah Genius Edition" of A Bug's Life.


I remember attending a presentation put on by Pixar at my school a couple years ago (they're one of many companies who come to Ringling to recruit new grads every year) and their college presentations are just like the way they present themselves on the dvds. One quarter of the presentation was on their work, another quarter was spent showing us For the Birds (about a year before they released it to the rest of the public) and the rest was spent describing their rec room. "We've got fooseball! And a basketball court! And arcade games!" God that must be a great place to work.

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There's an older short called Knick Knack. You've probably seen it already if you're a fan of Pixar. I think they had it on one of the Toy Story dvds, too. It's the one about the snowman in the snowglobe.


You should watch the mini-documentary with Jean-Michel Cousteau (duh duh dah!). It's really amusing.

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There's two commentaries, on by Brian Singer and Tom Sigel and the other by Lauren Schuler Donner, Ralph Winter, Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris, and David Hayter. Everyone's favorite parts the trailers...A documentary called "The Second Uncanny Issue of X-Men" which is the making of X2. As seen in the extras on X-Men 1.5 Jackman's got some fuck load of charisma. There's 11 deleted scenes, which I'd say were deleted due to a long ass running time rather than them being low quality and then there's eleven "featurettes" that I havn't gotten around to (c'mon I only got it last night!) which are...


"The Secret Origin of X-Men"


"Nightcrawler Reborn"


"Evolution in the Details – Designing X2"


"United Colors of X"


"Wolverine Deathstrike Fight Rehearsal"




"Nightcrawler Stunt Rehearsal"


"Nightcrawler Time-lapse"


"FX2 – Visual Effects"


"Requiem for Mutants – The Score of X2"


"X2 Global Webcast Highlights"



and then the second best part of every disc the still galleries....


In the deleted/extended scenes they have one that I can't see much difference in - when Wolvie is in the kitchen with Bobby Drake and he kills one a the guys invading the mansion. There's also a bit with Jubilee at the mesuem (she's hot!) and a kid ralphing post bamf...


I really don't know why they don't just add in the deleted/extended scenes into the movie (or at least have it as an option). As with Nemo, IC, if ya wanna get it go t'Blockbuster and get it for $12 when ya trade in an old flick.

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Well, I am buy X2, so we'll see. Nemo has two commentaries, a regular one, adna visual commentary, where interlaced with it are behind the scenes footage. Like cut scenes and stuff, making the running time 31 minutes longer. It's great. There's not a new short in the same way that Mike's New Car is a short, btu they're stuff like an interview with Dory, Marlin and Nemo that's completely newly animated. Stuff like that that is really funny.


And the blockbuster deal is for $12.99. Unfortunatley, I think that the extended edition of The Two Towers doesn't qualify.

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