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Made famous by Punisher, Preacher's Divinity, & done to death in my last trip to Texas, this simple game goes as follows:

One person (me) states a movie, and the next person must state a movie that begins with the last letter of the previous movie:  i.e., if the movie's Braveheart, the next person can reply with (a) Time to Kill...follow?  Couple things:

1)Try not to reuse movies if possible

2)You can cut prepisitions off of movie titles if need be; for instance, "A Clockwork Orange" can be used for the letter C, as i illustrated with "Time to Kill". Same if the title starts with "The", etc, just dont get crazy.

Most replies need only a movie title, so theyre short, quick ways to boost your post # if youre one of those people, too.

Ill get this party started.



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Since we should try to aviod repeating, I suggest we copy and paste all the previous movies so that the preson posting an easily refer to see which movie s/he shouldn't use. So...



Never Been Kissed

Dog Day Afternoon

Natural Born Killers

Singin' In The Rain

Nine & 1/2 Weeks

Shadow of the Vampire

Empire of the Sun

Nightmare before Christmas

(The) Searchers


Requiem for a Dream

Man on the Moon

Name of the Rose

Edward scissorhands

Scent of a Woman

Night of the Living Dead

Die Hard


Apocalypse Now

Weird Science



Now all you have to do is copy the last list on the thread, add your and post.

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Ok but no more listing, its gonna get too massive to reiterate after a bit, i think if better if we just hope folks dont repeat em, and if they do, someone give another in its stead or somethin. Im not sure how the Preacher folk handle it (MLB?), but then they do have bout 50 pages of it goin so far ( ! ).



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