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MIB2, or MIIB, movie review


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I will use this poll to combine your two opinions: Whether the movie was good or bad, and whether it was a better or worse than the original. The first (before the comma) is your opinion on the movie COMPLETELY independent of the original MIB. The first movie doesn't even exist in this part. The second (after the comma) is your opinion on the movie COMPLETELY dependent of the original MIB. The second movie is the ONLY other movie in the whole world that does exist in this part.


One thing I notice about this movie is that they tried to end K's career at the end of the first movie, then went through a lot of trouble to get him back and keep him back. And it took like 6 years for this movie to come out. Bottom line: They had no intentions of making any sequels when they made the first one, now it looks like they've set it up to make a whole series.

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um, i kind of saw it yesterday, but I can't say I can judge it.

Slept through a good chunk because I didnt sleep much the night before.  What I did see (parts here and there of the beginning falling in and out of sleep and the last 45 minutes) I wasn't really impressed by, I didn't think ti was anywhere near as good as the first, and I only laughed like twice.  I liked the people that lived in the locker, but there wasn't much that made me want to try to catch it again awake.

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It was alright for a summer popcorn film, but not nearly as clever as the first one was. It seemed like they were trying too hard to match what they did in the original, but they didn't realize that it what made the first one work was originality, timing, and chemistry. Of course, they couldn't have originality. And as for timing, it moved too fast, whereas the first one was willing to slow down to keep the comedy well-timed. And the chemistry was off because the K we know and love wasn't even there during half of the film, and when he was, again, it moved too fast for us to enjoy it. The best part was the locker scene at Grand Central Station. If only the rest've it could have been that creative. Anyway, though, that said. It was a good popcorn flick, but nothing more.

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* some spoilers, perhaps *




Well, it left a similar taste in my mouth as the first one.  I think they rushed the story alot.  You're catching up on so much history in such little time that it doesn't make the information seem important.  Also, the whole conflict of Jay learning to deal with the whole anonymity of the MIB life and losing the girl was never really dealt with, just at the end accepted and "Hey, no big deal."  The effects were good.  Moments were kinda funny.

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As reported by Comic Book Resources.com....


Men In Black II slipped a notch, ending up at #4 this week. The comic book sequel pulled in $8.7 million brining it's four-week total to $173.6 million.


The movie is doing strong numbers in Germany, according to Variety. MIIB opened strong last week, making it the second-biggest opener this year, after Attack of the Clones. However, as with the U.S. bow, the sequel's numbers did not measure up to the original.


The film boasts the fourth highest premiere of all time in the Czech Republic, the fifth best in Hungary, the seventh highest of all time in Hong Kong and the eight-biggest premiere in Austria.


Men In Black II also opened in the top spot in Singapore, Malaysia, Chile and the Philippines.


So, yeah, it banked pretty well worldwide, proving that release date - at least here anyway - is pretty damn important.

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