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Ok guys, since I'm a merchandizer and deal with movies, I get info on when they're coming out and when they go on sale each month, specifically for Circuit City, but I think it's the same for all stores.


Anyways, if there's a partcular movie you wanna know when it's coming out, or whether it will be on sale or not, just ask.


This upcoming week as you all know, on Friday Nov. 5th, Shreck 2 is coming out. What you don't know is that When it comes out, it will be at it's lowest price that it'll get for a while. It will go back up to high price on that Sunday, so if you're gonna get it, get it Friday or Saturday.


Any upcoming DVD releases, or prices, just ask me. :D

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MLB - Right now, I don't. As soon as I know, I'll let you know.


SiBob - No, Shreck 2 is definitely out Friday Nov. 5th,not before. I know this for a fact because on that day I have to visit 2 Circuit Cities, 2 Sears's and 2 K-Marts, I'll be all day helping put Shreck 2 stuff up/making sure it's all in order.


Also West Wing, Season 3 is the following Tuesday, Nov. 9th.


Not sure about the other 2... I'll let you know if I find anything.

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As you all probably know Shreck 2's out...



1) If you buy it at Circuit City, I think you get a mouse pad.


2) If you buy it at Sears you can get a Shreck t-shirt.



3) Also a special Box set of Shreck 1, 2, and 3-D with a bonus disc is out. However I think it's only available in Full Screen and not widescreen. Check before you buy!

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Today I got a bunch of Shreck 2 buttons I was supposed to get earlier this week for yesterday. I'll still give most of 'em to K-Mart, but I'm going to keep at least 2 sets. (4 characters - Shreck, Fiona, Donkey, and the cat)


Anybody want a set? (I can't give more than 2 more sets away. Don't wanna get in trouble...) Wait, lemme count how many sets I have, and see. I'm thinkin about selling a set or 2 on eBay also.

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Also out this week: the special edition of The Iron Giant, The Chronicles of Riddick (both the theatrical and the director's cut), and I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (Brit gangster movie with Clive Owen).


Harry Potter comes out next week, along with The Terminal and the first three seasons of Seinfeld(!). Spidey 2 is the week after, along with the director's cut of Daredevil (if you really wanna make it a Marvel comics night) and Jet Li's Hero.


I could go on, but it's your thread, Benny.

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