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I think I may be the only Garbage fan on this board, but just in case someone else likes them too:


Their new album (that was gonna be called Hands on a Hard Body) is now titled Bleed Like Me and is due out worldwide in April 2005. Check out their site for more info.


That is all...

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They posted almost two weeks ago that they are looking for Garbage fans to be in their new video. I sent my pictures in after much push from Lindsay and Leah. It's gonna be shot in LA, so lets hope they pick me. I mean chances are they wont, but you never know. Plus I would have probably beat myself up if I hadn't even tried. So I'll let you guys know if I hear back from them. They said yesterday that it would be about 24 hours for them to make the choices and it sounds like they got a crapload of emails. So odds are I wont be there, I won't see Shirley and I won't go to LA. It'll be fine, I'll save myself the airfare....but it would be pretty cool, and Heartless was right, it would be a cool story to tell.


I doubt they will send an email or call the losers. So I should know by the end of today. .:crosses fingers:.

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Bah...forget it. People were getting calls since yesterday. They started with the closest ones. So naturally they didnt reach the East coast. Oh well. I'm definitely going to their next concert and I won't be such a pussy and not go backstage. I'd prolly be starstruck. *shrugs*

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Didn't get to do the video thing, but I did buy the album yesterday and I finished listening to it one time over. Sounds good so far but not enough for me to make a sound judgement on it. But here's something interesting...one of the songs is titled Metal Heart. I just thought MH would get a kick out of that. Here are the lyrics

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My review:


[2323] odraudesozap: did you buy Bleed Like Me?

[2323] DanteAS1: yeah

[2323] DanteAS1: It's pretty good

[2325] DanteAS1: it takes me a while to get into a CD but when I do, I do.

[2325] odraudesozap: how does it compare to ST, version 2.0 or beautiful?

[2325] DanteAS1: the first two are without comparison

[2326] DanteAS1: Beautiful Garbage was not so much of a let down as more of a different sound.

[2326] DanteAS1: This one comes back to the first albums, but stays fresh.

[2326] DanteAS1: the sound falls somewhere in between

[2327] DanteAS1: I wanted it to be better, but it's still a good CD

[2327] odraudesozap: cool. are you going to be reviewing it soon?

[2327] DanteAS1: I think I just wrote my review...maybe I'll just copy this and post it

[2327] odraudesozap: ha

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How's the drumming on "Bad boyfriend"? Thats the only reason im dying to buy it - purely to hear a fresh song with Dave on the drums again :D


Although - #1 crush has been coming up random on my playlist alot lately..... *sigh* God they were brilliant back then.

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