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NBA Superstar Shaquille O'Neal is Kazaam, a larger-than-life genie with a magic touch for nostop fun laughter!  After 5,000 long years of captivity, Kazaam is set free to grant three wishes to a new master.  From then on, he's catapulted to one wild adventure after another... from becoming the latest rap sensation or untangling an outrageous mob scheme! As the giant genie with an attitude, Shaq scores big laughs in this hilarious comedy hit that's sure to be a slam-dunk winner with everyone!

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SO I says to Mable I says.


The other day, i was fucking my wife in the ass... and then our two kids come in and I mean not just to watch. But to shit on my wife's tits and piss on my chest.


No lie, true story. true story.


No no, I Do NOT call that The Aristrocrats. It's a true story, god damn it!






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