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Not quite the Eisners, but...at least it's online this year.


Says that crazy Bendis:


would never be so pathetic as to sway your vote especially when all of the other nominees are my friends and people i greatly admire.


but Smile remember, whedon and meltzer are sticky hollywood rich and don't care, millar writes better when he thinks you all hate him, and geoff johns is a psuedonum for 7 brazillian writers that bob shrek pays in cat food and wouldn't even get the award.


i on the other hand promise, in the upcoming year, nudity in new avengers and ultimate moonnkight. ( and if you think i'm joking, i ain't. or am i?)


but please do vote for david mack as it is a guarantee he will do some spaz karate on stage. and if david finch doesn't win he will beat me with his 'ike turner' shoe.


but seriously, AND YES, THE REST OF THAT WAS A JOKE, it makes me so proud that so many of my collaberators make the list of things like this. i couldn;t even begin to choose between them myself.


Vote here for this year's Wizard fan awards


ps Kirkman better take "breakaway talent".

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Back in the days of Wizard: The Comics Magazine magazine, fan art contests were won by current pros including Leinil Yu, Paolo Rivera and Frank Cho.


haha - that's crazy unfair to the rest of the fans submitting, looking back!


*edit: more trivia from newsarama




The advertising revenue from Wizard: The Comics Magazine #141, June 2003, was $125,056.25.
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Wizard World is relaunching its entertainment journalism magazine Wizard as a digital service. Described as a "digital re-imagination, re-conception, and re-launch,"a Wizard quartlerly magazine will focus on "the biggest stories of the day in pop-culture, entertainment, and fandom." A a daily video series titled WizPop, which just launched, will run in tandem with that.


“To a generation of fans the Wizard name has stood at the intersection of entertainnment and pop culture. By introducing Wizard and WizPop as vibrant digital incarnations, Wizard World will expand its pre-eminent position in the industry to connect and interact with millions of fans every day,” said John D. Maatta, Wizard World President & CEO. “With the triumverate of Wizard, WizPop and the Wizard World live convention platform we have created a 24 hour a day digital and live experiential platform serving the fans of pop culture - the Wizard experience and the on-going conversation doesn’t stop when a Wizard Comic Con ends.”


At its height in the mid-1990s, Wizard had a circulation of over 100,000. The magazine ended in 2011, with the company turning its focus exclusively to its popular conventions.


The new Wizard will be led by the recently-hired Director of Content Brian Walton, who previously worked as Editor-In-Chief of Nerdist. Luke Y. Thompson has been hired as Associate Editor.


The Wizard magazine will offically relaunch August 25 at the 20th annual Wizard World Chicago.



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^ Oh damn - Newtype's got me beat: Jan '94


Still have my first issue!



Feb '96 - w/ special fold-out cover!



I turned 15 that month, but I remember this Feb issue being out 'early' in January...and being excited at finding this issue 'early'. (Yes. Me noob) So, I was technically 14 when I picked this up. I got it @ the 'Iggy's Candy' kiosk at the 'Mall of the Americas'.


I never subscribed - I just always picked 'em up if I ever saw 'em on the rack. Love my Wizards - I've always kept 'em 'out'.









I hated when they lost the spines and went 'giant'.




Wizard turned into...a giant commercial / puff piece towards the end. Didn't feel 'real' anymore. Being re-imagined / re-conceived as a bi-monthly 'email' - along w/ youtube vids...expectations for it being truly subjective and not just another corporate 'magazine' are low. Hopefully, it won't be - but 'Wizard World' has all those ties n' connections to the industry and all those cons...


I think I'm expecting another one of those superhero news / review youtube channels...y'know - those podcasts(?) that RedLetterMedia make fun of? Just - on a grander scale / backed / sponsored by the biggest fish in the pond. (shrugs) 'Wizard Magazine' IS a valuable name - might as well use it. We'll see. Hopefully, it'll stand out as a source.

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Damn, at the "height" of wizard's circulation they were only just over 100,000? No wonder the magazine went under. I would've thought it would've been at least double those numbers at its apex. Guess the community was smaller than I thought. Also, that price tag was pretty high so I'm wondering if that number is just monthly subscribers. I'm sure for some of their bigger issues they would've had to of sold more than 100,000 copies, right?


I want to say my first issue of wizard also had Spawn on the cover, but I'm not sure if it's the same one that Alex posted. I would have to do some serious digging to unearth my old Wizards. I do remember it had a poster of that Spawn cover that Todd McFarlane did after himself for Spiderman number one. That thing was on my wall for ages.

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Wizard was huge at the time, moreso for interviews/press stuff than price guides (overstreet/etc had those already i thought). still, i read a bunch but didn't buy them until panch i got back into comics of my own volition and was at kmart when i bought the issues about BAD GIRLS!, id know the cover when i see it.

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Man I loved Wizard! Hope they can become relevant again in the digital space. My first issue was #11, which was the first Spawn cover (maybe this is the one you had Haku). I've still got it around somewhere, along with the rest of my issues. I think my second issue was #13 (2nd Ghost Rider cover).

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