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Venus Flytrap vs. Dr. Johnny Fever


So which WKRP DJ would win in a record spin-off?  

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oh, i thought you were talking about an actual venus fly trap, which is much funnier. what's wrong with you?! have you lost your edge? what happened to that guy i knew who came up with the dophin vs. the letter q? that was pure genius. now you're nothing but a washed up hack. a hack, i say! you couldve been a contender.

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This is what this poll shoulda been about, not flipper and seaseme street stuff. Actual sociological shit.




When Babies battle with Rhinos, everyone wins.


In the wild, Babies and Rhinos are natural enemies and fight until their last drop of blood. Now, for the first time, you can own the shirt dedicated to the initial hostilities of these two deadly combatants. Frozen in the second before their eternal struggle, you can keep that moment forever.

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