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Bad scary movie poll

Which'd you go with?  

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You download either of those and I hope you get a virus and your computer dies from the sheer crapness of horror. Why isn't that an option :D


Want something good, try the new Dawn of the Dead, it is quality...no seriously it rox. The opening 15 minutes are some of the best horror cinema you will ever see. :D

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or you could get a horror movies thats sort of comical... like Evil Dead I, II, and Army of Darkness!! hahah or Killer Clowns from Outer Space.. or there are some serial killer movies that will scare the shit out of you if thats what your looking for lol


but if you havent seen the evil dead series... you should do it ... NOW!

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Both good, MLB, and i thoroughly enjoyed both. Anything else in that vein you'd recommend?


Damn dude, cleaning me out here. Ringu obviously. Tale of two sisters. Dark Water (Hollywood remake coming soon I heard).


Still want to see the Ju-on tv show I remember you recommended to me a little while ago.


Oh, and I love me some zombies in 28 Days Later. I'm guessing you've seen that but ya never know.

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Yeah, your stuff is the goods, but im all over zombie films, nothin in recent times i can think of i havent caught.

Tale of two sisters, Dark Water, what are they bout? And that Ju-On one, dont know if you bittorrent, but im sure it can be found, and its well worth it...

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