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I think its a damn fine idea....we all put threads to :D out our favorite scenes & lesser known music, but its hard enough to get peope to download even with a direct link (ask poor 2T), much less recommend they find them on kazaa, bittorrent or wherever.


Let it be known, im automatically down for just about any kind of music/mix CD people wanna try out, i think its a great idea for folks not minding the post office run anyway, and its fairly cheap to do. But everyone's gotta be honest on what they liked and didnt....for me, some of the stuff im burning, i hate doin it cause the artists deseve way more than they get, but im hopin to make a fan or two where i can.


Here's to all kinds of mix CD threads.

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Cool, glad to hear it, IC2...just dont limit yourself entirely to someone whose tastes are closer in line with your own; you can learn cooler shit in your scene you might not've know, but nothin entirely new's picked up, you know?


When i first got with miss heartlessbitch, i made mix cd's of rap, jazz, techno, country, classic rock, japanese orchestral/piano, and many others. I really believe people close themself off to entire genres from a handful of bad radio artists.

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I think a good way to do this is have a

CD SWAP VER 1.0!!!!!

We'll give it a few more days (dare I say week?) to compile a list of people, and then one of us (IC1 perhaps?) to draw the names out of a hat in random order and pair it with another randomly drawn name, and we can begin the burning and mailing of that batch of cd's. Umm.. when we get the pair, we can submit our addresses to IC and then have him distribute how needed. Or when he tells us the name of our cdmixswapperson we can exchange addys..... or EVEN it doesn't even have to be a one with one, two with two persona deal. We can can just be randomly given a name like that of Secret Santa, and then get a surprise in the mail! I say it's mandatory to have a page long letter describing why you chose what songs and such. B/c letters are nice :D




....does this make sense?

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I really am. FL could tottally bukkake me off to cuba if it wanted to.


A game of cd swapping could be fun, too, but id really hate to send a hip-hop CD to some random person who'd never even care to hear it, personally...just a thought.

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mp3 cd would be perfect man thanks.

Unfortuneatly i don't have any Uriah Heep,


But I do have every Tom Waits album, anyone who does'nt have every

Tom Waits album, should have every Tom Waits album.

Do you want every Tom Waits album?


if not anything else your lookin for?


I listen to




Blues Rock

Classic Rock


Indie/Alt Rock

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sorry to dissapoint again man, all i got of holst is the planets and i got no post rock


If you're into your classical though how about orff's Carmina Burana?

Or some Satie?

Or some of this...ah forgot you were Irish, i was gonna suggest rodrigo y gabriela, but

you prob already have it.


Famous Adagio's? it's fuckin' brilliant

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ah rodrigo y gabriela, i think ive pimped that to someone on here before.. and dammit, why does everyone just have the planets.. even music stores only have planets...


orff's stuff would be good... any stravinsky would be good too if you have it... any berlioz other than symphonie fantastique would kick ass.. and yeah, adagio's would be cool

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i know i don't get it either, he's a legend.


here's a list of classical composers whose stuff i have









Joaquin Rodrigo (Not rod y gab)





Michael Andrews (Donnie Darko Soundtrack)

Nigl Kennedy






Walter/Wendy Carlos



Choose what you want

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