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Ok, a few weeks back, Kee made me a tape of this one, i dont know if its the whole series, if thats even possible, etc, but either way i think its a lot of Berserk, should be cool (thanks again).

So, its sittin there with Lodoss War, this kinda Final Fantasy-ish series, lemme know if youre up for either of em Junker.  Artistic too, when your ass calms on down.  :plain:

Fuckin monkey. :monkey:

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Man, spiffytee wouldnt stop recommendin ths one last year, and i finally sat down & watched the whole thing...25 bloody episdoes in total.


It's dark, violent mediaval fantasy stuff, with the main character (Guts/Gatsu), a man who wields a massive zanbatou (think of the big-ass sword Cloud starts with in Final Fantasy VII), and the entire series is told in a flashback that starts halfway through episode 1.


The soundtrack is haunting, and the animation...isnt what it was hyped to be; great during action scenes, but there's a lotta still cells re-used, i think. I actually watched the dubbed version this time, and the voice-overs were solid.


» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


It does have me wanting to read the manga to find out what the fuck happened afterwards, and id recommend it to those like-minded, but be warned: i too was told ahead of time about the abrupt ending and still didnt see it coming.


Anyone who knows more or has seen it & wants to talk from here on out, please try to do so using the spoiler tags. Anyway, ive read a bit about the manga, and im noticing some important-sounding characters left out of the anime, but thats not uncommon. Again, in & of itself, this series wouldve been really great with a bit more closure.



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I agree, played & beat it before the anime actually....good combat system, voiceovers, plot etc...was an interesting side-story, tho i've no idea where Puck came from. The fight with Zod was awesome.


Da Cap'n was telling me about a PS2 sequel in Japan or something; google it for some really cool screenshots.

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I remember we had some trouble over this in our club a while back. We had shown the series up to the last episodes at meetings, and one of the past officers (president at the time, I think) wanted to show the last episodes at our meetings (school club, meetings open to the public), and put them in our club library. Thing is, well you've seen the last episodes I assume. Not quite what we'd be able to get away with showing in that particular setting.

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I need to finish watching this series at some point. Unfortunately already seen the end (fucked up), since I was required to weigh in on whether the club I was in at the time should show it. Heard the series is good (albeit bloody), otherwise.

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Actually, i thought it went to the "Ascension" around vol 12 or so...? and youre right, having read some of that portion of the manga, it was chopped a bit.


Ive been hearing of season 2 for years...meanwhile, im all caught up on the manga, its around volume 32 right now with no signs of stopping. Im just wondering how long its gonna take Dark Horse to catch up on their current schedule, last i saw was vol 16.

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Yeah, sorry, I meant that 6 of the first 12 volumes were used; everthing that wasn't a flashback wasn't in the anime.


And I'm pissed at Dark Horse for not finishing the Hellsing manga. Fuck, the series is already finished and the creator is working on the prequel set durring WWII and here Dark Horse is stuck on volume, what? 7 or 9? And all they do is re-release what they have in hard cover editions; what the fuck's with that?

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I honestly dont know why they get the release delays they do, im just happy they put out stuff like Lone Wolf & Cub (but where's the sequel?). is the Hellsing manga good? I watched the anime and the ending was...eh. But yeah, theyve taken their time with this series, i dont know when theyre looking to catch up but the japanese releases get translated & ported here every 3 months or so.

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The Hellsing manga rocks at least 100 fold more than the anime. The anime was okay, but when they were making it the manga hadn't finished so they went their own direction with it.

They left out the last battalion of 1000 nazi vampires directing their secret war against the Hellsing foundation from south america and instead put in some badly concieved cliche' about a vampire wanting to resurrect some god of death in the middle of London. And they left all the cool mysteries unanswered, and nerfed the character development of most of the cast, the fuckers.

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Why, thanks guys. It's good to be/feel appreciated....

Truth to be spoken, I found this great Amv of Berserk just by luck. I Stumble upon it. It wasn't really a page about berserk or nothing (In fact yesterday I found 2 great webs about Berserk). So, there you go.


Oops I forgot. Here's the webpage. You can download the vid from there.


Reason for edit: Because Im stupid... :P

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sadly, this is not encouraging.


The guys from NTV Japan (producers/licensers of the Berserk anime) were in our studio yesterday, and of course, John Sirabella (CEO of Media Blasters) finally was able to ask them face to face about a new Berserk TV series and about the pictures that were released. Here is the answer:


"We have the money and desire to create a new Berserk, but nothing is being done yet because Miura and Hakusensha have not decided which part of the story to do, and how many episodes it should run."


They did not refute the screenshots explicitly but it seems like they are most likely fake. From the way they described things, they haven't figured out the episode count, or the art style, or anything. All they confirmed was everything is in place to make a new anime, but nothing has been done yet.

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the score







The wraparound jacket band on the 35th volume of Kentarou Miura's Berserk fantasy manga is announcing this month that a new anime project is launching. More information will be provided in Hakusensha's Young Animal magazine and the affiliated Young Animal Web site.



Berserk_project twitter (Japanese): http://twitter.com/berserk_project


Update to official Japanese website (http://www.younganimal.com/berserk/) promised for Tuesday.


Special commercials will debut at midnight on the 29th. The website has opened a new section with placeholders for 5 commercials to be released from 9/30~10/4. It's not yet clear if these CM will be related to the new anime project or whether they will focus on the release of the 35th volume of the manga.




First teaser commercial (with animation):

: Go here: http://en.nicoviewer.info/

Copy this link in the "Open" part: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm12264010

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