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By a show of hands, how many people have not played a Sonic the Hedgehog game ever? I mean ever? I thought so. At some point in your gaming life, you had to have picked up the controller of a Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, or Nintendo GameCube. Sonic has been seen on every one of those consoles that I mentioned. Now here's a question: How many of you can't find or sold off your Genesis's? And how many of you who did every once in a while wish you could break out Sonic 2 for a little while, or show your kids what you used to play?


Well, thanks to Nintendo, Sega, and Sonic Team, you can be playing any of the original games that put Sega on the map for good. Here is the biggest and best legal compilation of Sonic the Hedgehog games ever, Sonic Gems Collection for the GameCube. Yes, it's even bigger than the Sonic Mega Collection. And as usual, because these are ports of games, they are perfect. In fact, you'll find that a couple of them have even been touched up to be better than their originals!



Yeah this Sonic Gems collection is hype! I love it...It's just simple no-brainer action fun...


Sonic has been part of some of the best games on the market, and now you get to have another set of 13 Sonic games, some good, some ok, one excellent. Here is what you'll get right off the bat:


Sonic the Fighters - Arcade

Sonic R! - Sega Saturn (Remember the Sega Saturn??)

Sonic Spinball - Game Gear

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Game Gear

Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble - Game Gear

Sonic Drift Racing 2 - Game Gear

Tails’ Skypatrol - Game Gear

Tails Adventures - Game Gear

Sonic CD - Sega CD (Old school!!)



These are playable right away. Now the more you play, and the more time you invest in certain games, you'll unlock stuff. There is a whole museum of concept art, screens, logos, and other fun things that you get for playing a certain game for 60 minutes, or playing a game 5 times. There is also an Extras section where you can unlock hints for certain games. There's even a Manuals section where you can look at original manuals to these games.


Brings back a lot of memories, I'll tell you that. One more thing to tell you. Those aren't the only games in the Gems Collection. As you play through, you'll unlock new games to play. I won't give you too many secrets, but does anyone remember the Sega Genesis game Vectorman?? Well you will when you get to play it!






Final Score (4/5 Pimps!) :):):pimp::pimp:

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Aw, man, i knew it had to be on its way...


MM, i think i bought Sonic Collection for GC the day it came out, i was like the only one that eager. Had Sonic 1-3 + Knuckles, Spinball, plus this weird overhead one... hidden games were Flicky (decent cat & mouse kinda game) and Vectorman, but i was sad to see that Comix Zone was left only on the Japanese version.

I kept watchin the intro & ending to Sonic CD on the "extras" (yeah, i played the fuck outta that one back in the day, classic), but it was strangely absent: i figured itd come back with the Game Gear ones, but i forgot about R, Fighters (was that any good?) etc...this should be fun. I really wish it was all on one disc like they coulda done it, but they know how to bleed the retro market.... :)


I gotta go look up the hidden games tho. Good one MM.

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Yeah IC...I played the shit outta of it too...Nothing like the old school every now and again... Also ya get Sonic Genesis 1-3 (supposedly hidden levels as well, I'll try to find em then post to confirm) on it and these unlocks too...




Sonic Gems Collection Cheats


Unlock Vectorman Games

Vectorman: You must play games in the collection for 5 hours. You may also start the game with a save file on your memory card from the Sonic MEGA Collection to instantly unlock Vectorman.


Vectorman 2: You must play games in the collection for 7 hours


Vectorman 2 (Alterative way): You must play Vectorman more than once.

Submitted by Matt B.

Unlock Super Sonic (Sonic R)

Finish The Game with all Chaos Emeralds collected and all the characters unlocked. To Unlock Hidden Characters you must collect all 5 SONIC COINS on each stage, and finish in the top three.

Submitted by Ken Kusz

Unlockable: Dr. Eggman (Sonic R)

Come in first for all courses.

Unlockable: Egg Robo (Sonic R)

You must get the five tokens in Regal Ruins, finish in at least 3rd place, and beat Egg Robo.

Unlockable: Metal Knuckles (Sonic R)

You must get all five tokens in Reactive Factory, finish in at least 3rd place, and beat Metal Knuckles.

Unlockable: Metal Sonic (Sonic R)

Finish the game with all five tokens in Resort Island, finish in the top three, and beat Metal Sonic.

Unlockable: Super Sonic (Sonic R)

Acquire the seven Chaos Emeralds.

Unlockable: Tails Doll (Sonic R)

Make sure you get all five tokens in Radical City, finish in the top 3, and defeat Tails Doll.

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Nice...i was just lookin up the secrets to Gems, lotta artwork & level selects, even an ability to go Super Sonice in Fighter....


On Genesis, you could take Sonic & Knuckles, attatch it to Sonic 1, and when he's shaking his finger saying "no go" or whatever, you push like down + A + B as i recall, there's a hidden game of 99 levels of the bonus games from Sonic 3 (the blue/red dot isometric ones, i was good at em).


You can unlock that game as well, but if i recall correctly, you gotta keep starting & leaving all the sonic games somethin like 30 times or close to that to open up stuff. Took a wee bit, but it was worth it - these are games from the age when level design was everything.

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I was hearing that the import of this one was the way to go as it had Streets of Rage 1-3 in it as well as the original soundtack for Sonic CD. The original soundtack was just so much better than what we got in the american release. Leaps and bounds. I hear they had copyright issues for the gems collection so they ditched it. SOR got cut because they wouldn't have been able to get the game rated at E. That just blows.

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Fuck yes, that blows! Missing out on all 3? Damn, that's an awesome tag-along with the game...Comix Zone i understood (time translating, etc) but SOR bringing an MA rating, that really hurts sales...?

id import the fuck outta this one, just not sure how the GC takes to imports, and i aint chipping shit.

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Hirokazu Yasuhara shares Sonic 1+2 dev notes; Sonic 2 had time travel at one point



So Hirokazu Yasuhara is speaking right now at Digital Dragons in Poland, and there he is revealing a whole bunch of development stuff about Sonic games. @necrosofty is posting stuff from it on Twitter.


Unused overworld maps from Sonic 2, showing unused zone names:










Sonic 2 being originally planned to have time travel. At the time Yasuhara didn't know Ohshima was doing the same thing with CD:





Design sketches from before Sonic 1:





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Man, I wish I had the brain capacity to build / program a video game. Lookin' at this stuff, just gets me more pumped for Toejam n' Earl.


I luv that artwork! - even if they're just 'doodle' concepts. They gotta keep Sonic as a platformer. 'Generations' was great - 'cuz they toggled between both formats (classic 2D and the 3D 'on rails' kinda thing)...but, 'platformer' is where Sonic shines. 3D on rails bonus stages are fine and work - but...keep they gotta understand Sonic works best primarily as a 'platformer'.


Wow - I want those maps.

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getting excited for frontiers, decided to finally finish the dreamcast adventure series - i got the full ending for SA1 and really ended up liking it more than i did in the day - hyped to go through 2 (played a lot of multi with it back then) but had to share this video about the quirks of 1



honestly now that i'm finally getting a GDEMU (play from SD card) setup and sorting an adapter to get saves/DLC from online, looking forward to revisiting the US dreamcast launch event on 9/9, heh


also here's like an hour long thing for me to watch later



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