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im fairly far along (youd not know it from my trophies, heh) but i think i have to bench it this week, while we've got Los' copy of Uncharted 2! its great so far, i love the paranoid robo-king and new graphics, the remixed music is hit or miss with me but a solid effort all around.


i need to keep reminding myself of the shoulder button jumping, cause some levels the camera's unforgivably bad, just as bad as damacy if not worse. only stresses me when you're down to like 12 seconds and you need to nearly double in size to pass....damn.


i got nearly 100% in both damacy and we love, so i suspect ill do so here eventually. i like how theyre taking most of my favorite levels of we love and beautiful so far, really makes this feel like a definitive/greatest hits collection. me & newt could not beat the 3rd co-op level for shit, though.

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