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Amazon says:

When the King of All Cosmos accidentally destroys all the stars in the sky, he orders you, his pint-sized princely son, to put the twinkle back in the heavens above. The only way you can do that is by rolling everything on Earth into clumps so that he can replace what's missing in space. "Everything" includ es cookies, lawn mowers, lamp posts, sumo wrestlers, bulldozers, brontosauruses , cruise ships, and more. Katamari Damacy also includes a two-player battle mod e where you and a friend can see who can grow the biggest ball of stuff. For on e to two players.



Play is controlled with the analog sticks only. No buttons to press. No com bos to cause distress. Featuring ball-rolling and object-collecting gameplay me chanics of mesmerizing fluidity, reduced to Pac-Man simplicity, through pure ab surdity.

Dimensions change drastically as your clump grows from a fraction of an inc h to a monstrous freak of nature. Go from rolling along a tabletop to ravaging through city streets, picking up momentum, and skyscrapers along the way.

Two-player battle mode lets you compete in a race to grow the biggest ball of stuff. Even the competition can be picked up, if your opponent is unfortunat e enough to get in your way.

Enjoy quirky, infectious humor throughout--from the insanely cosmic animations, to the wacky and wonderful musical stylings, to the royally contagious storyli ne that's undoubtedly like no other.


I recommended this one to Junkerseed after some rave reviews, never got to play it...ive heard its fun, addicitvfe gameplay and a great soundtrack to boot. Who's played it?

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To follow up: this game/series was amazingly fun, and i still play it from time to time. This was the PS2 answer to sony's crazy, innovative, quirky thing they had going with PaRappa on PS1.




The good news is we likely might see it on the next-gen systems, including the Wii, whose controls were made for this.


Website Orange Lounge Radio has a pretty good track record with reporting rumors that usually turn out to be right on target. Their newest addition to the rumor mill is that Namco has announced to retailers that a new Katamari game, entitled Beautiful Katamari, will be arriving on all three next gen consoles this fall. They even go so far as to list release dates and prices. According to their source, the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will hit on October 17th at $39.99 followed swiftly by the Wii version on November 14th for a slightly cheaper $29.99. Their source is listed as a "someone who works in video game distribution" and if you doubt their word, they have put together a little FAQ explaining exactly why you should believe them, including this post on Xboxic which seems to corroborate the story.


Once again, rumor is rumor, but this is one I'm crossing my fingers turns out to be true.



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Oh, happy day!! Everyone's getting Katamari-love around October!


...only, the Wii (whose controls are, id think, ideal for this, even more than the sixaxis) is supposedly getting a different game. If its all-new, im all for it! If its a repackaging of 1 & 2, man, im gonna be salty. We'll wait & see.

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It really is a great soundtrack. Damacy had more jazzy stuff, We Love Katamari had some ska-like and other tunes but i got both OSTs and loved em.

This game's so much fun, i sometimes try out lesser games and think of it whilst i play them.

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Namco Bandai is paying tribute to fan favorite franchise Katamari Damacy with, um, Katamari DamacyTRIBUTE. It's slated for release this year.


According to Famitsu, this game is the first in the series to output in 1080p, aka full HD. The in-game placed items have been increased drastically, and there's a new black & white stage as well as a new game play mode.


There are tunes from the likes of Leah Dizon and YMCK, among others.


SOLD. do we love katamari next, namco!!

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IGN says...


Katamari Damacy Set for PS3

The prince returns, this time in full 1080p!

by IGN Staff


March 25, 2009 - PlayStation 3 owners who felt a little left out when Katamari Damacy came exclusively to Xbox 360 last year at long last have the bragging rights all to themselves. The latest Famitsu has first details on Katamari Damacy Tribute, an all new PlayStation 3 entry in the series.


Tribute retains the basic Katamari Damacy formula, but appears to up the scale of everything. You'll find items in far greater numbers sitting around waiting to be picked up and added to your growing katamari clump. The game features over 30 stage goals -- the highest number in series history.


Some of the biggest changes are in the presentation. The game supports full 1080p -- as in 1920x1080.


In addition, the visual design has changed. Or, rather, it can be changed. You can now choose your own visual style, selecting from a variety of styles like "comic touch," "new touch," and "wood touch." The game's rendering engine changes accordingly. Those who like the original style can play the old fashioned way too.


Other new elements include a new monochrome stage, where everything except for your katamari is monochrome, and an all new mode of play that's still being kept under wraps. The game will also feature some form of PlayStation Network support. Famitsu lists the title as supporting two players, so we're hoping for some form of online play.


Katamari Damacy Tribute will hit Japanese retail some time this year. The game is only 40% done, but Famitsu's online counterpart Famitsu.com will apparently have first video footage on Friday.

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I totally forgot Katamari Forever was going to be at E3, but when I trundled up to Namco's booth and saw it languishing unattended, was glad I found myself with half an hour to kill.


Why? Because while the past few Katamari games - the ones without the input of creator Keita Takahashi - were sucky, this isn't a "new" Katamari game. It's a re-release of the original, with a handful of new levels thrown in.


So we know it's good!


The key here, then, comes not from new challenges, but from the new graphics "filters" the game brings, along with its HD graphics that turn one of the PS2's most visually appealing games and makes it one of the PS3's most visually appealing games.


I played a couple of levels, both of which ran for ten minutes, and tried out two graphical styles: a cel-shaded one, which looked kind of awful, and a Valkyria Chronicles/coloured pencil filter, which looked great.


As for the game...it's Katamari. You roll, you pick things up, you endure a bollocking from the King, you do it all again. The only real change you get from having the game on the PS3 is that you can flick the Sixaxis up to jump. Which doesn't really change anything.


Nice. I hope i dig the cel shading, but im sold either way. also, this.


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new, crazy-ass trailer! looks like the multiplayer, from what im seeing here, will be a competitive race to make the biggest katamari, which makes more sense to me than the online of Beautiful Katamari, where you were battling for cookies or something.


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In honor of Father's Day, Kotaku did feature on the best and worst videogame dads. Here's what they had to say about the King of All Cosmos...


King of All Cosmos, Katamari Damacy – Father of The Prince: His binge drinking wiped out the world, and he sent his son to clean up the mess. What a role model.



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ok, so after having played both levels of the demo a few times - one's new, one's from damacy. they look great, they play great. ive not utitlized the jump function yet, have to try that later. meantime, a remake is looking to be my Game of The Year, seriously...not to say there's not good shit this year, but the simple joy i get from rolling things up...anyway, im gonna go do that some more.

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