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5 Best of 2005


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I was wondering what 5 games members would absolutely buy/ask for this holiday season if they had the chance...


I am fine tuning my game wishlist and was in the hope for feedback since there are like 12 games I want and I am only going to get like 4...


So far I found these to be interesting and have listed them on my wishlist in order of importance... Let me know what you guys think.


- Call of Duty 2

- Bros. in Arms 2

- Navy Seals

- StarWars Battlefront 2

- New Tony Hawk

- King Kong

- Prince of Persia 3

- Burnout Revenge

- Xmen Legends 1/2

- The Suffering 2

- Madden 06

- Killer 7

- God of War


What are your thoughts on these and if to get them or not?

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God of War, Prince of Presia 3, those are my two tops picks. I would then recommend the Suffering 2. Its not as creepy as the first one but still not a bad looking game...although, its not as mysterious as the first one either. King Kong looks marvelous and according to the reviews I've read is highly recommended. I haven't had a chance to play it yet but I would definitely urge you to consider it.


BTW, has anyone played Indigo Prophecy or Stubbs the Zombie yet? Those are on my list just as soon as I get all the Xmas spending out of the way. :)

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Jade Empire was pretty damn cool.

Psychonauts was amazing, best platformer in years.

Indigo Prophecy was pimp, if rushed at the end, conceptually amazing.

Resident Evil 4

and hmm....

I'll probably toss in Ys: Ark of the Naphistim, as that was the most fun I have had on an Action RPG in years.


It was tough picking ones for this year because it simply hasn't been as memorable as last year, I mean how do you compete against the year that brought us Ninja Gaiden, KoTOR 2, Halo 2, MGS 3, Shin Megami Tensei, and the like, this year is very tame by comparison.


Still there are probably games I haen't thought of yet. When I think of them I'll toss em up.

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Fire got my picks about right. I'd definitely recommend God of War. Fantastic action game, definitely one of the best. I haven't gotten a chance to play them yet, but I've heard really good things about Prince of Persia 3 and King Kong (from the makers of one of the most underrated XBox games ever - Beyond Good & Evil). Burnout Revenge is great as well. All four of those are on my list.

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I'll go with Call of Duty 2 cause as far FPS goes it the best on the market,


God of war make's you feel like a bad ass (God mode in this game is a real bitch),


Burnout Revenge is one hell of a racing game (Nothing brings you joy like ramming you friend into a bus or knocking him over a cliff),


The Prince of Persia game's are the best platformer game's ever


and if your into RPG game's I'll throw in Dragonquest VIII cause this game has killer graphics,great music,a fun story, and a massive landscape that would put GTA to shame. Plus it's like 90 hours long. ( Oh, it also has a FFXII demo)


and should you find a game called Disgaea PICK IT UP this is one of best strategy game's ever made. Yeah, the graphics are late ps1, but this game is fun as hell with so many things to do (So far I have about 300 hour logged it. Yeah, you heard me 300 hours.) This game a litte over 2 years old and used copy's still go for 45 bucks. Plus you can't go wrong with a game with killer Penguins and the story take's place in hell as you try to take it over.

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