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Man, this would be awesome. But hasnt Whedon said he's looking at film and not TV now on this one?



Whedon doesnt' know what the fuck he wants with this series. First he said film, then he said TV, then he said neither, we'll go to comic books, now the word on the street is straight-to-dvd? MAKE UP YOUR MIND, MAN!

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I signed up. Of all the options, Firefly Season 2 is the best. Not Serenity 2 in theaters, not Serenity 2 straight to DVD, not Firefly the comic book, not Firelfly The Animated Series, not Serenity the Broadway musical, not Firefly the Radio Opera, not Firefly: The Next Generation (to premeire 20 years from now), I wanted Firefly Season 2! Although Firefly: The Fetish Porn is a close second.

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