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didnt see it, but i just cant imagine it being good. its a video game movie. a FPS movie. it has the rock. im told part of it is actulaly in first-person mode.

i could be wrong, i just have my $ on it being closer to wing commander and house of the dead than, say, resident evil.

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If movies with no plot, no acting, and zero storyline is your thing then this movie was made just for you.


im told part of it is actulaly in first-person mode.


Yes it was. It was the only half-ass decent part of the movie. I had a bootleg and I still felt ripped off. Oh, just in case you ask later on. Bloodrayne was just as bad.

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Doom did suck. And not fun suck. Like, it was boring suck. They kill maybe one or two demon alien things in the first hour and 15 minutes. Why the fuck is a film called DOOM fileld with shitty character developement? Do I really give a shit about the brother sister relationship in a movie that stars the rock and is based on a first person shooter? The first person portion of the movie is pretty fun, but it's 5 minutes worth of an hour and a half long snoozefest.

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Doom kicked all kinds of ass. I enjoyed it.
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LOL, fuck man, SB I'll let ya borrow my copy, just got it last night. But now that I know the Rock... oh man... forget it.


Hahaha :muggin:

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-Maniac's DOOM Review-


Watched Doom yet?


Having Thoughts that the movie might suck? Well, it doesn’t. At least I don’t think so.


Read on.



It's all about gettin' the BFG (Big Fuckin' Gun)


People who have ever been in a room with The Rock you know the kind of presence he commands. All eyes turn to him as though he were Billy Crudup on top of some kid’s house at a house party. Aside from the obvious physique and those killer eyebrows, The Rock exudes a certain charisma that makes women swoon and men, well some men wanna be his bad ass in some way

The Rock launched himself with a pretty good vehicle, The Scorpion King, but since then it’s been a series of pretty kick as films. I enjoyed both the Rundown and Walking Tall. Doom is the vehicle to finally do it Dwayne, right?

The director is Andrezj Bartkowiak who is known for bringing out great performances in DMX with both Exit Wounds and Cradle 2 the Grave. First off how could both films have DMX in them? And second, I stand by my rule that if you’re too lazy to spell the full word in the title, I’m too lazy to see your trash. But then again I’m a Jet Li fan so… so much for that.



So getting back to the movie itself. Sure, it was going to star The Rock and was being based on one of the most beloved videogame franchises this side of the mushroom kingdom but I had been burned before. Street Fighter. Mortal Kombat and its sequels. Alone in the Dark. However, it was just about a month ago that I saw the trailer. You know, the one with the first-person camera perspective. It was then that I knew that I must see this film even though I still expected a crap-fest.


Completely contrary to everything that I know to be good and true in this world, Doom is a pretty damn awesome as far as Zombie hack ‘em up/troops blowing shit up style Horror movies go.


Perhaps I went in expecting it to suck so bad that there is no way for it to have been as abysmal as I anticipated it would be. Regardless of how, exactly, it happened, it did happen. And I had a good time.



Let's Kick Some Ass


What Doom does very well is create atmosphere. It is almost like watching Aliens for the first time as Sarge, Reaper, and their RRTS cohorts make their way through a research facility on Mars. Director Andrzej Bartkowiak does a great job of letting shadows fuel our imagination as the team responds to a corporate distress call at this outpost. The first hour, maybe hour & fifteen, minutes of the film make a good suspense film. We start to see into the personalities of the characters by watching how they respond to the unknown. Then, surprise, the characters start to be killed off. In all honesty, Doom's biggest shortcoming lies in its predictability. Even when the suspense is as thick as molasses you basically know what is going to happen.


Once Doom starts to pick up the pace and move towards resolution it feels like a completely different movie. This shift does a great job of keeping the audience's interest. Just as soon as you start to get a little bit tired of the pacing-through-the-darkness routine it ends, replaced by the blast-everything routine. Once again, when the blast-everything routine starts to get old they end the film. I think that this speaks volumes about the editing of the film and explains why several of the character hooks are left undeveloped, even though you expect them to become fully fleshed out.


Now for the game player in me. Ahem. [cough]



Ready to Rock...


It is great to watch Doom pay homage to the man that got the whole fps genre going in the first place. It is literally only seconds into the film that we meet one Dr. Carmack. Unfortunately, that is just about where the similarities between the two mediums end. Where Doom the videogame is an action-packed ode to trigger happy demon killing, Doom the movie focuses on the terror that comes from being trapped in an unfamiliar place with God-knows-what. The general theme is the same, Marines fighting monsters in a base on Mars, but even the source of the terror is taken away from the denizens of hell being released. I won't spoil the "twist" for you but it was at right about the point where they reveal the source of the madness that the movie shifts gears into the cliché filled world of mixed media. The pace picks up to what I originally expected and we are treated to God-Mode, the first-person escapade of Reaper. As for the gimmicky camera mode? It worked surprisingly well for the two to three minutes they used it and they ended the sequence at just the right time. Now that I've seen it, I never need to see it used again. You hear that Hollywood!? NEVER.


Bottom Line

At its best, Doom channels science-fiction classics like Aliens and Predator. At its worst, it is still better than Alone in the Dark. Surprisingly less action-oriented than its videogame counterpart, Doom does a good job spending the first hour-plus of the movie creating a tense atmosphere while thrusting in a number of shock-value moments for good measure. It is the last 45 (or so) minutes that are exactly what you expect: campy, predictable, over-the-top action. Good film Rock.


The DVD is a lil' short on extras but does include the Doom 3 X box Game demo. While this could be better, there wasn't really alot to pack the DVD with anyway so, the DVD loses a half point there with me, other than that...


4 out of 5 pimps.




Maniac. Out.

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