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"For me the supreme McGrath moment came against QPR at Villa Park. Their forward was through, one on one with Nigel Spink. There's no way McGrath can get a tackle in without giving away a penalty. Except that he does, and not only does he stop the attack but he comes out with the ball and lays it off for a Villa player, McGrath clenches his fist, you can see him muttering "yesss" to himself, knowing the bit of magic he'd brought off. And as one, the crowd, both Villa and Rangers supporters, rise to acclaim something special."

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Ruud Gullit!

La Mecánica Naranja

They were fierce during the 70's and 80's! and he was just the shit!




Otto Rehhagel Coach to my German team Werder Bremen (1 of 5 tems he coached). He was appointed coach to the Greek teama and kicked off the tenure with a 5-1 defeat against Finland--which qualified him to go tot the Euro Cup he then lead Greece to VICTORY in the Euro Cup 2004!









What else can I say--the best player in the world, born and raised in Tres Coracos pronounced (Corazou),Brazil.

His first major-league game, he scored a goal right away--he was 16!

Pelé went on to play in four World Cups with Brazil's National Team. At the 1958 World Cup in Sweden -- one he nearly missed because of a knee injury -- Pelé stunned the world scoring six goals, including two in the championship game to help Brazil win its first World Cup 5-2 over Sweden. He was only 17 years-old, but a legend was born.At the 1970 finals in Mexico, the 29-year-old Pelé, led one of the greatest teams ever assembled to win Brazil's third World Cup. In the 4-1 title triumph over Italy, Pelé, scored a glorious goal. It was Brazil's 100th World Cup goal, and the one he remembers the most.


OK I'll stop!





oh yeah--my favorite players now:



Won the Yashin Trophy in 2002 which gave him the title of "BEST GOALKEEPER IN THE WORLD CUP"


"Oliver Kahn saved our lives so many times. We knew if we wanted to get far in this World Cup then we needed a fantastic Oliver Kahn." --German legend Franz Beckenbauer







Van Der Sar (Netherlands goalkeeper)

He is a goalkeeper with great agility for one so tall, he is a reliable and commanding figure between the sticks - one of Schmeichel's main attributes.

The player missed only one match in 2003/04, being as dependable as ever and holding the record for the most shots saved over the campaign. He passed 100 Fulham appearances that term - and was also named Fulham's Player of the Year.

He plays for the Netherlands in the World CUp and Euro Cup, but belongs to the Manchester United Club




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