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These specs are from a Sim City fansite, so they're pure guestamates:


* CPU: Pentium 4 1.4 GHz or equivalent.

* RAM: 512Mb.

* Video: 64Mb with Direct3D support.


Seems reasonable, but if it really does all it says it does, I'd assume it would need a bit more processor power and at least twice as much ram.

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I knew nothing about this until yesterday, but now I'm really looking forward to this, it'll make a nice change from all the shooters cluttering my shelves and hard-drive. But it's good to know it's there[edit: violence, that is], I enjoyed the Sims up to a point, but whenever I played it was always a matter of time before I put a firework stand indoors and watched the fuckers burn.


If you watch that video there's a great moment when Will Wright, playing his own game....

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they've been rambling about this game for months and months now.

Bah, I'm still having fun with Oblivion.


By the way, I DESPISE the way game companies print their minimum standards with 64 meg graphics cards, 1 1/2 gig CPU's and 256/512 RAM.

The games will run, but you won't have any fun between the jumps, laggs, crashes, etc.

Ah bollocks to it.

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