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There are so many cool threads recommending loads of music, unfortunately they move so fast you can rarely keep up. Thats why I wanted to start a thread where people can recommend individual tracks that are not well known that you know can be downloaded from many of our fave sites, Audiogalaxy being mine.


My ideal for this thread is that only one track is recommended at a time, give a chance for people to download, listen to it and give a reaction before recommending another. Remember, one at a time children.


I'll start.


This is a track by a small British band I saw play at a fairly local 200-capacity venue. They were absolutely incredible, and original, mainly because they use a keyboard that is as predominant as the guitar, rather than just hidden away at the back like most bands do.


Personally I think this track is the best of theirs,


"De-Rail" by Tetra Splendour  :D

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Couldn't find it so far, I'll try it again...no, still nothing coming up on Kazaa. Found a website so obviously I'm not spelling it wrong? ???


I couldn't find this on Kazaa either but you may be able to find this on your file-share. They were the Dublin band playing support to RftC:

The Dudley Corporation - A Song Against The City (love the title! )


"Sleeping around to get an idea

Of what you do when you're not here

I'm in the arms of some old hag

Feel so cheap and useless


When I learn I'll start to attack

The city that's built me, the city that laughs

At every plan I've ever tried to make

I'll pull it apart, I'll tear off it's face


And watch it kick and scream and plead

The ambulance will go mee maw, mee maw, mee maw, mee maw, mee maw, mee maw....


And if you try to stop me in my tracks

I'll knock you down and I'll break your back

And if you leave with all the world in tow

I'll rip out your pews and tear down your homes




The Dudley Corporation.com

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I'll give that Dudley song a download.


Alright since Tetra Splendour didn't work out, try another cool one,


Major Matt Mason USA - Rockstar.


Its probably my favourite acoustic guitar song of all time. If only I could find the tab for it I'd have thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

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No luck with Dudley either I'm afraid. Found the song but noone has shared files of it. Bookmarked it though so I'll keep you posted. I'll give ypou a slightly more popular one.


Live on Release - "I'm afraid of Britney Spears"


Kinda gimmicky but still a very cool song from an all-girl punk band.


Come on people? Any other suggestions KoS?

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Didn't get a chance to DL that, maybe next weekend! :D


Glad you liked Scheer, I got two EPs by them years ago, they were out around '95(?), the EPs are good for all 4 songs each. They had an album out, Schism, I keep meaning to look for that too. The Eps were the Shea EP and the 'I Wish You Were Dead' EP, you could try that next?


"And all I have is you, inside my head

You're in my head

And it would be much easier if you were dead

I wish you were dead, I wish you were dead"

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Oh and as for this thread and the very similar thread, how about we keep this one for the more underground unknown stuff, and the other for established artists? I could rename the topic and description to something more fitting? Up to you, it's you're thread...

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Feel free to change the title if you can think of a good new title. After all, it feels like half your thread anyway since no-ones about.


Sounds like a great idea to keep this one as well for the left-of-centre downloads. I'll check out some more Scheer when I get some time.  :D

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So far so good, The Major Matt Mason song is indeed cool, his other stuff similar to this?

Live on release was alright, pretty catchy.

Also liked the scheer song,  really good stuff.

Tetra Splendour sounds really cool, this song doesnt have much keyboard in it, so I dont know what you were talking about there, but I like the way they sound.

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Glad you enjoyed a lot of it Junk.


Major Matt Mason's stuff is indeed similar. It all basically consists of him armed only with an acoustic guitar playing "anti-folk" (the term coined for the genre). If you liked it enough to investigate it further he has an album available online (Amazon, bol, etc) called 'Me Me Me' which includes 'Rockstar'.


Tetra Splendour's keyboard stuff is pretty prominent. All the effects stuff at the beginning, and during the song is on keyboard. The guitar is lud as well so it can be hidden at times. Try 'Pollen Fever' next by them I'd say.


The Live on Release song was just a bit of fun. Not genius but kinda humorous and yeah real catchy.


Gonna look for Crease this afternoon, I'll let you know...

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Tetra Splendour's De-rail is pretty cool, I like the way the effects are used, adding to the track, being quite prominent but not overpowering. I'm definitely gonna try and get that 'Pollen Fever' later.


Rockstar's good too, dunno if I could listen to an album thru of it, too much melancholy in one go!


I'll be back about the other stuff, good calls so far....

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Still can't find that Beach Buggy song...


Been listening to Tetra Splendour a fair bit, I'd have the 2nd song but silly me decides to download the 28-minute version of Orbital's The Box. It's only at 20% after what seems an age (probably about 15 minutes) but I don't wanna cancel it, I'll DL Pollen Fever another time...


Live on Release is good, not many female fronted bands around these days, the song is very catchy.




A good recommendation for you would be Lush (fitting for me :D ), another female fronted band on 4ad (Pixies record label) in the early to mid 90's, not as heavy as Scheer. They'd a few albums out, and a Best Of was released last year....not bad at all, try downloading 'Hypocrite' or 'Ladykillers'.

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