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Ok, here's the rap poll since many other rock genres got the treatment.  Growin up i mostly heard NY stuff - even now, best stuff comes outta Queensbridge & such - so if it's biased & anyone's inclined to put a West Coast All-Stars, help yourself, there's good stuff there too.  Only 10 slots so I put the best of NY's best. Here's the lowdown for those who dont remember names:

-Run DMC: The originators, more or less.  "You be illin", "Peter Piper", "It's Tricky", "Christmas in Hollis", "Tougher than Leather", "Sucker MC's"..even the theme to Ghostbusters 2 theme, far too many good ones to name.  There's a reason many see em as the Kings.

-LL Cool J - Again, too many to name. His greatest hits "All World" speaks for itself; if you think he's gone soft after acting in poor movies & sitcoms, check out his underground battle with Cannibus, "The Ripper Strikes Back".

-A Tribe Called Quest - Damn, they might get my vote. Everything off of Midnight Marauders was classic, tho few heard it sadly.  Damn shame they broke up...you mightve heard "Award Tour", "Scenario", etc.

-Wu-Tang Clan - You know who they are.  Best album was the first (like usual), Enter the 36 Chambers, with "Myster of Chessboxin", "M-E-T-H-O-D Man", "C.R.E.A.M.", "Can it be all so simple",etc.  If nothin else youve heard their solo stuff, from Ol' Dirty Bastard or Method Man.  Ill even include Redman in this vote.

-2Pac - The Outlaw, another one you prolly know.  He stayed on top for years..."I get Around", "Brenda's got a baby", "Keep ya head up", even "I aint mad at ya" and that Makavelli stuff at the end.  Starred in "Juice" amongst others.

-NaS - My current favorite, been a badass since Illmatic.  Good luck finding a better lyricist; all his albums have been pretty much solid (except maybe for "Nastrodamus", i think), thought admittedly not as good as his first, but the latest one is damn close at times.  Recnent stuff on the air is "One Mic" and "Got U'rself a gun".  Another likely candidate for my vote.

-Eric B. & Rakim - Ok, yes you do have to know rap to know these names, but damn these two were good: "Know the Ledge" was sampled as a techno song, "Dont Sweat the Technique", "Eric B. is president", "Follow the Leader", etc

-Pete Rock & CL Smooth - More lesser known gods, best known for "Reminise" but Pete Rock does the beats for many greats, more so than RZA.  Also a jazz musician these days...such a talented man, one of those names you drop when you know the genre, i think.

-Notorious B.I.G. - One of the best things to come out of the 90's for rap; "Ready to Die" is still one of those albums you can listen to every track, especilaly "Big Poppa", "Everyday Struggle", "Juicy", "Suicidal Thoughts", etc.  Dont let Puff Daddy hangin on him fool you, this man was great.

-Jay-Z - I actually go for the guy, even tho i dont think his style's anythin new.  "Hard Knock Life" was a really good album, admittedly; i think this guy's got a lot more talent than other recents like DMX or Ja Rule, but still not quite on par with those who came before; we'll see what he does down the road.


Other greats not on the list are Gang Starr (Guru) and plenty of lesser-knowns; again, its my poll so i picked em, curious if anyone else here's heard of any of em.  Let's hear your opinions. :D

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Nope, Biggie was very much east; born & raised in NY, they still take a lotta pride in him.  He might not get my vote prolly 'cause he did a lotta b-sides & such but only 2 albums, however good, before his tragic death. But that man crapped more talent than most rappers see...damn, "Ready to Die" was just one of those classic albums.  

If ya have any questions tho, dont be afraid to ask, i know a certain amount of this shit anyway.  On a side note - before you go off on another tangent, Jack - what songs do you recommend by De La Soul? Know youre a fan, honestly dont remember much by them.

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While they have good stuff in all their albums (I haven't heard ALL their albums, but that's what I hear), their most memorable is 3 feet and rising. Try 'Me Myself and I', and if you like it, try 'The Magic Number', 'Plug Tunin', and 'Buddy'. If you like those too, explore and listen to anything of their's you find.

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Busta Rhymes: A solid vote, my bad leavin him off.  Been crazy since his "Leaders of the New School" days, which ironically is now old school as fuck.  Good call KOS.

"Dont this shit make a nigga wanna...".  He got us all in check.

Alright then, votin for "new stuff" was just gonna be Jay-Z & other such "new" ones but itll include Busta Bust then as well.  Ill even give ya Eminem for that vote; he's outta Detroit but he's participated in the underground freestyle battles so that'll do it for me.  

Cmon Chiefy & the rest of ya, lets hear it, im sure some of you know at least a few names here.

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I'm gonna have to go with wutang, just because they're the ones I'm recently listening to.  Really close poll though, I'm a pretty big fan of them, Tupac, Rundmc, nas, and busta.


"I'm gonna bring it to ya, with no trivia,

like cocaine straight from bolivia..."

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