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CARNIVALE follows a traveling carnival as it wends its way across the Dust Bowl, focusing on Ben Hawkins, a mysterious 18-year-old fugitive with hidden talents who is taken in by the carnival, and Brother Justin, the charismatic, shadowy evangelist who will ultimately cross his path. The series takes place at a time of worldwide unrest, with evil on the rise around the globe and the Great Depression wreaking economic and social havoc here at home.


Among the cast regulars are: Nick Stahl ("In the Bedroom") as Ben Hawkins and Clancy Brown ("The Shawshank Redemption") as Brother Justin, as well as Michael J. Anderson ("Twin Peaks") as Samson, who runs the show for Management; Clea DuVall (HBO's "The Laramie Project") as Sofie, the tarot card reader; Tim DeKay ("Swordfish") as Jones, Samson's right-hand man and the rousty manager; Adrienne Barbeau ("Escape from New York") as Ruthie, the snake charmer; Debra Christofferson ("Seraglio") as Lila, the carnival's bearded lady; Brian Turk ("American Pie 2") as Gabriel, the strong man; John Carroll Lynch ("Gothika") as Varlyn Stroud, a prison inmate enlisted in Brother Justin's cause; Amy Madigan (Oscar® nominee for "Twice in a Lifetime") as Brother Justin's loyal sister Iris; John Savage ("The Deer Hunter") as Scudder, Ben's elusive father; and Ralph Waite ("The Waltons") as Rev. Balthus. The carnival's burlesque family includes emcee father Stumpy, played by Toby Huss ("King of the Hill"); mother Rita Sue, played by Cynthia Ettinger ("Thirteen"); and daughter Libby, played by Carla Gallo ("Undeclared").


CARNIVALE is created by Daniel Knauf; executive producers, Howard Klein and Daniel Knauf; co-executive producers, Dan Hassid, David Knoller, Dawn Prestwich & Nicole Yorkin and William Schmidt; consulting producer, Tracy Torme; consultant, John McLaughlin; producer, Bernie Caulfield.


Lodz.....Patrick Bauchau (The Pretender, Panic Room, Vampire: The Embraced)



Only lasted 2 seasons, I highly suggest watching it despite the limited run.



Talk amongst yourselves.



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There's quite a few fans of this show on here, including me and someone else. There was a thread about this somewhere, probably long lost in the ether of Hondos.

As far as I know, this is the only thread dedicated to the series, though we have talked a bout it in several other threads.

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picked up season 1 the other day 'cos of the pimpage it got on here, it's a great show.

started a little slow but halfway through it really started to pick up and christ did it end strong.


im gonna be gettin' season 2 as soon as i can.


the only thing i'm worried about is it's cancellation are we left hanging or is there some type of resolution?

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