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In September 2006, the October edition of the Japanese anime magazine Newtype first reported that the new cinema series "Rebuild of Evangelion" would be released in the summer of 2007. [1] On September 9, 2006, GAINAX's official website confirmed that "Rebuild of Evangelion" will consist of four movies. The first three movies will be an alternate retelling of the TV series (including many new scenes, settings, backgrounds, characters), and the fourth movie will be a completely new conclusion to the story; the series is intended to be much more understandable and accessible to non-fans than the original TV series and movies


According to an article in the February 2007 issue of Newtype USA, the first movie will end with Operation Yashima, an incident that takes place during Episode 6 of the original Evangelion TV series. The article also states that a brand new character to the Evangelion universe will be introduced in the second installment and that some of the differences between the original series and the new movies will take advantage of 3D CG technology not available when the series was produced back in 1995.




Other known differences will include new NERV and SEELE emblems, which were later revealed on the official Rebuild website. Two versions of the new NERV logo have the word "NERV" extending out of the left-hand side of an upside-down apple, with the old motto "God's in his heaven, all's right with the world" either coming out of the right side of the apple or below the word NERV. The fig leaf from the old NERV logo is retained, now superimposed onto the apple. Another design has the original logo superimposed over the upside-down apple; the V in NERV is also slightly altered. The new SEELE logo incorporates the old logo (a triangle with seven eyes on it), with an apple inset inside of the triangle with a snake coiled around it. Written on the middle of the SEELE apple is the phrase "Überm Sternenzelt richtet Gott, wie wir gerichtet," which is taken from lines 71 and 72 of Friedrich Schiller's original poem Ode to Joy (with the word "Brueder" or "Brothers" being excluded), and translates as "Above the starry canopy, God judges as we judged"[3].


Another story change is that Kaworu will make a much earlier appearance; in the series, he was not introduced until episode 24.



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Cool Newtype cant wait to see the movies.

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Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0 to hit North American theatres!

According to a recent press release, Cinema Asia Releasing, Eleven Arts, and FUNimation Entertainment are bringing Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0 to a select group of North American theaters. Some of these theaters will show both movies, but all of the ones listed will be showing Evangelion 2.0: YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE.


Date(from) Term State Area Theater EVA 1.0

2011/1/19 1 day TX Austin Alamo Lake Creek 1/18 (1 day)

2011/1/21 2 days AK Anchorage Bear Tooth Theatre -

2011/1/21 1 week AZ Phoenix, Tempe Valley Art Theatre 1/21- (3 days on matinee)

2011/1/21 1 week CA San Francisco New People 1/17- (4 days)

2011/1/21 1 week CO Denver Denver FilmCenter/Colfax 1/18- (3 days)

2011/1/21 2 days FL Tampa Bay Clearwater Cinema Café TBA

2011/1/21 1 week GA Atlanta Plaza Atlanta -

2011/1/21 1 week HI Maui Maui Mall Megaplex Cinemas 12 -

2011/1/21 3 days IN Indianapolis Georgetown 14 Cinemas 1/20 (1 show at night)

2011/1/21 1 week MO Kansas City Screenland Crossroads 1/21- (2 days on matinee)

2011/1/21 1 week NC Greensboro Carousel Luxury Cinemas  

2011/1/21 2 days NM Albuquerque The Guild Cinema 1/14, 15

2011/1/21 1 week NY New York Big Cinemas Manhattan 1/19 (2 days)

2011/1/21 1 week TX Dallas/Fort Worth Southlake 14 1/21- (3 days on matinee)

2011/1/21 1 week WA Seattle Grand Illusion Cinema 1/14- (1 week)

2011/1/28 1 week CA Los Angeles Downtown Independent 1/14- (1 week)

2011/1/28 1 week OR Portland Living Room Theatre -

2011/2/8 4 days HI Honolulu Doris Duke Theatre -

2011/3/18 2 days OK Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Museum of Art  

TBA 1 day FL Fort Lauderdale Cinema Paradiso  

TBA 1 day CA San Diego Ultra Star Chula Vista 10  

TBA 1 day CA San Diego Ultra Star Mission Valley - Hazard Center  

TBA 1 day CA San Diego Ultra Star Mission Marketplace  

TBA 1 day CA Anaheim UltraStar GardenWalk 14  

TBA 1 day CA Riverside Ultra Star University Village 10  

TBA 1 week CA Irvine Regency South Coast Village  

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dropped a couple days ago in japan, no? any ballpark on the fansub? ive been kinda spoiled watching the first 2 recently with newt & bish, hopefully the wait for the next isn't nearly as bad as they had it.


edit: best opening week for a japanese movie this year!





Yup. 1,131,004,600yen 2-day weekend total on 224 screens. That's about 14 million USD.

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