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since Bish doesnt care enough about you, i thought id let all the 360 kids know: Bioshock demo's up at XBL, and thsoe who've played it say its somewhere between 25-45 minutes, i guess depending on how much you wander about, but that its awesome and very atmospheric.

Launch trailer:



Yeah, im officially jealous, that looks really cool. If reviews go the way they oughta, this might be one of the first ones i pick up with the system later on.

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Haha lomg time no see Newt. You fucking uncle tom live user. Anyways- I wasn't sold on this until I saw the Bringing it home trailer, and the demo sadly(with all wasndering and complete restraint) seemed to last fuck-all, but that's probably because I wants it so bad. Given that we've been scouting & researching art deco all over the place since that's the prevalent theme of the weding it was nice to see this and all it's nastiness. This is everything the Darkness should have been. Oh, and Big Daddy suits aren't ruled out for the groomsmen just yet niether...

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back to bioshock...


Lucky for me I DO HAVE A 360 so I'm of to play the demo along with blue dragon and a few others on MY 360. :welcome:


Awesome! if it doesnt break down after playing, you're even luckier!!


haha, seriously though, the new HDMI-having bunch seems to have fixed the disc tray issues (hopefully no more scratching...), when that falcon chip/heatsinks come out this fall/winter, i might very well be ready to join in, too.

That said, playing the demo tonight at bishop's, cant wait. Ill post impressions here...for thsoe that dont know, thsi game's already for sale at Toys R' Us, god bless 'em, and metacritic, last i checked, had a number of reviews going, and this game was at like a 98. that's damn impressive.




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jesus, its getting a 99 at metacritic, thats gotta be a fucking record.


and its not entirely undeserved, here's my impression of the demo after getting a chance to try it out at bishop's:


Fucking hell.

the presentation is gorgeous, it wastes no time in trying to show you how beauitiful fire on the water can look these days, but honestly, the graphics werent just high-rez, they - along with the audio, which is absolutely superb, from the effort to get bobby darin & such fitting tracks, to the creepy and well done voice acting, to teh scratches from playing back old audio pieces found in game...it all plays into the one thing this game has in spades over any shooter ive played: atmosphere.


only a few minutes in, i was already falling for the great objectivist propoganda, and the dated, 50's feel ive seen trailers for things like Fallout pull, but in this lengthy demo (and props to them on that, really sells the title), its a feel that's consistent in every angle of the game, which when you look at that and the horror elements seen in the design of the little sisters/big daddy etc, and the random sadness/insanity you can overhear your random enemies spouting, its just an impressive feat to see both the feel of that era combined with the horror of this failed utopia, and having both nailed down & interwined so well, well, its a feat that again, has me eating my words on my boredom of shooters at the moment. If Halo and Resistance showed me why online shooters could be such a blast, this one really brought home something i imagine PC players have known since at least System Shock - there's clearly things you can do with this genre that you cant do with others, and im quite happy to see this game as an example.


All that, before the solid gameplay mechanics and plasmid abilities that, based on earlier gameplay trailers, show how you can clearly play through various sections/puzzles in a number of different way, achieving different results along the way. When you throw in the philosophical backdrop of having to make choices like, do i kill the little sistes to survive? youve got a horror title that could excite me in ways the genre hasnt honestly quite reached since Silent Hill 2, i think.


Bravo to 2K for this; you can be certain if i swing a 360 by the year's end, this one will be up there with Beauitiful Katamari as among the first titles i'll grab.

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BWAHAHAHA, Sony Defense Force is my new favorite page.


After many months of anticipation I finally got my copy of Bioshock and played through it over the past few days. There are many things to like about Bioshock such as the graphics (not animation), parts of the story and the water effects. That’s about where the good stuff ends.


First let me say how excited I was for the game after playing the demo on the 360. While the animation seemed stiff and you could tell the 360 was being pushed too hard it still looked like it had a lot of potential. So imagine my disappointment when I got the final version only to find none of the animation hitches, shooting glitches and AI was cleaned up. I also wonder how much better the graphics would’ve been had they not been compressed to fit on a DVD. Now I do not fault the developers for this, they only had so much system power to work with so maybe this will all be addressed with the PS3 version when it comes out.


To conclude, let this game cook in the oven just a little bit longer and wait for the superior PS3 version. Cleaned up textures, animations, AI, extra weapons, Home space, standard HDD and Blu-ray will make this flawed game into a perfect gem.


SDF Score: 5/10


Review stings that much more when you realize the devs just came out and said "no PS3 port". Seems MS wanted this to be their MGS4? Not a bad move on their port, its one of the games (Katamari, Mass Effect, Alan Wake, some XBLA titles, Mistwalker stuff) that's gonna push me to get a 360. Anyway, top notch review.

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We here at Team Humidor think you should make up your own mind, and to that end, have offered up the following reasons to buy (and not to buy) BioShock.

1. Everyone is Doing It



Play: You don't want to be the last guy on the block to play it. BioShock is also a heavily story-based game. You don't want anyone telling you who killed Dumbledore before you find out for yourself.


Don't Play: Be original. Play Peggle for a few more hours first, then stroll nonchalantly into EB and grab a copy when it's half off. You're not anyone's monkey. You'll play what you want to play, when you want to play it.

2. The Philosophy of Objectivism


Play: There's never been a game written with such attention to detail to a philosophical movement as extraordinary as Objectivism. Play and learn at the same time. Third prize is you're fired.


Don't Play: There's a reason people don't write games about philosophical movements. Even philosophers don't understand half that stuff, and when they do, they're high. All you need to know about Objectivism is this: Greed works; greed is good. Now go watch Wall Street and save yourself $60 and 20 hours.

3. Innovative Games Don't Grow On Trees



Play: We've been saying we want new, innovative and truly revolutionary game experiences for years. Now we have one. Whether you think it's the greatest game ever made or not, there's no denying the depth and complexity of the play experience. It's like gaming Woodstock: worth playing just to say you were there.


Don't Play: "Innovative" is sometimes another word for "hippie." What if wrapped up in all that Objectivism hoopla is a subliminal endorsement for commercial hemp farmers? Maybe we were wrong about wanting new and different things. Change is hard. Philosophy is tricky. Peggle, on the other hand ...

4. It's a Strong Single-Player Game


Play: BioShock is one of the few games out recently for the 360 that don't require a connection to Xbox Live to get the full experience. There isn't a multiplayer mode at all, much less a half-assed one (like Gun), and the game doesn't suffer from it at all. In fact, it's better played alone, in the dark, with the sound up way too high.


Don't Play: Being alone sucks. Call a friend on the phone and set it on the couch beside you while you're playing, so you can hear each other shriek like little girls when Splicers start falling from the ceiling and sneaking up behind you. But then someone will know you sound just like your sister Jenny when you scream.

5. You Can Finally Justify Buying a 360



Play: If the long list of titles already available for the console, the movies, TV shows and other stuff available on the Xbox Live marketplace and the stunning beauty of the plain, white plastic case haven't motivated you yet, BioShock's 20-plus hours of awesome gameplay might be just the thing. And the best part is Microsoft's two-for-one Xbox 360 special: Buy one now and get a free one when it explodes!


Don't Play: And the best part is Microsoft's two-for-one Xbox 360 special: Buy one now and get a free one when it explodes! Your chances of getting 20 hours out of the first machine are slim, so beat it lickety splits. Otherwise you'll be taking an unscheduled two-week break.

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So yeah, finished it on hard mode, and i adore this game, kinda wish idve gone with the deluxe edition and scored a Big Daddy figure. Sure, there's elements at the end that could've been tighter, but for me, it was this and Uncharted for game of the year 2007.


Just to rehash the blargh-posted jokes for those that missed em:







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That you are, sir.


in Fort Frolic, with all the slicer people, he's the guy who trapped you, cut you off from ryan & other transmissions, and forced you to take out his competitiors/critics, and then take photos of em, 'member?

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Go to For Frolic, that's where Atlas and Andrew Ryan are both jammed and only Sander Cohen talks to you. You find a poem on a tape recorder titled "The Rabbit by Sander Cohen" and it shows what a raving lunatic he is.



Honestly, the 360 version of this sucked ass, the PC version was the true superior here. My only complaint was this game wasn't longer. But it was fun, it was like Half-Life meets System Shock in the 60s and God I wish I'd have gotten the big daddy figure too. It would look nice between Marv and Ghost Rider on my desk.


Also I swear when the bathysphere first rises up and you see your first Spider Splicer, that ranks up there for one of the creepiest moments in video game history.


Oh and Andrew Ryan bears an uncanny resemblance to Walt Disney.


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Ill not get into a PC vs console thing (just that my elite was cheaper, natch) but i thought the game looked great, only saw framerate issues when the new downloadable content brought the option to sharp-tune the rez, and then id notice slight graphical tearing but nothing as bad as, say, Mass Effect. Unless youre knocking the initial lack of widescreen, i call nitpickery, sir. Plus, we got extra plasmids, whats not to love? I guess i just never ran into a bug.


That said, do you got a 360 or played it elsewhere? You best not be hiding from us on live, boyo.


ps you gotta figure the disney/ryan thing was intentional.

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