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Larry Wachowski has Sex Change


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Full Article can be found here.


The Wachowski Brothers Are No More


Larry Wachowski has sex change operation; became Lana Wachowski


Posted Sep 4th 2007 12:32PM by Erik Davis


More signs of a slow, post-holiday news day: Cinematical reports on the completion of a sex change operation. Yes folks, we're going there. According to Rated-M, the man formerly known as Larry Wachowski has officially completed his full sex change. Now, I'm not sure whether he had an actual operation, or if he just underwent hormone treatments (I'll admit to not being an expert in this area), but Larry is now Lana Wachowski. Say goodbye to referring to the writer-director duo as the Wachowski Brothers; I imagine from here on out, the PC thing to do will be to call them The Wachowskis, or Lana and Andy Wachowski. Which is fine by me. If a sex change helps make a person feel more complete, and subsequently brings happiness to their lives, then I'm all for it. On behalf of Cinematical, we wish Lana good luck moving forward.


Interestingly enough, Lana will speak to the press about this -- which is rare for the Wachowskis since they're not ones to speak to the press about anything, let alone something this personal in nature. However, rumor has it that she will not openly speak about the sex change until after Speed Racer hits theaters on May 9. On top of that, sources say that Andy Wachowski will do all the press for the film as well for fear that the whole sex change thing could potentially harm the family-friendly film. Aside from a newly-released photo showing Lana's full change (which you can see above, and click on to see the full pic), Rated-M also claims that Dateline NBC has nabbed the rights to Lana's first public interview on the subject. Going forward, it will be fascinating to see how Hollywood and the Wachowski fans handle the sex change. Will everyone embrace Lana, or could this damage their careers?

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Er... Why do I hear Aerosmith's "Dude looks like a lady" playing in my head? Seriously.. not much difference.. :D

You know sadly enough Larry/Lana (not sure if this pic was taken pre-op or post-op) kinda looks like this rocker-chic girl Tiffany that I used to work with back when I was a PSA. She also wore glasses, and dressed tomboy-ish.

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