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LL was pushing this one hard recently, Jax was parading on a bit about it as well; got to see about half of the first season last night with Sen, and its great; funnier than SNL a lotta times, and with largely the same cast.


Baldwin and Dr. Spaceman are my current favorites. Id say more, but, its a comedy so uh, see it when you can, shit's funny. there it is.

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Totally. I loved that episode when Lemon

bought a wedding dress just because she felt so depressed and anxious. that was hysterical. Oh and also, I love the blonde lady I forget her name..., especially when she gained the weight and she did that comercial for a perfume Enorme.

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My DVR can't record three things at the same time, so I have to choose between Smallville, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader and 30 Rock. I opt to leave 30 rock off because I doubt 5th Grader is easy to find online and both Smallville and 5th Grader are hour longs meaning the downloads would take longer anyway. Downloading now....

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Oh man, that was a good episode....


Tracy: Who was that?


Jack: Nobody.


Tracy: Don't lie to me, Jack. I've had plenty of women mad at me the morning after. Just don't let her light your sneakers on fire in the bathtub.


Jack: She would never do that, Tracy. She's a very special woman.


Tracy: So then what's the problem?


Jack: Well, we're just on opposite sides of a feud.


Tracy: Ah, I get it. Romeo and Juliet, Capulets and Romulans. Mm hm, I've been there. I'm black, she's white. I'm black, she's light skinned black. I'm black, she's seventeen. Hey listen, if she's your soulmate, you go for it.


Jack: Tracy, I don't believe in soulmates. I've worked too hard to get where I am to sacrifice it for some woman. I don't care if she's beautiful, brilliant, and she does it like her dad's a minister.


bold = best line ever.

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