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Resident Evil - Gamecube


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First things first - the game's added enough that I dont mind the fact its the third fucking time I've bought it. No lie.


The graphics are stunning, the overall ambience of the game is much scarier - tho not quite Silent Hill, its far above what it's been. Fortunately, the voice acting has been redone, so while not quite Soul Reaver or Shenmue, its not as bad as, say, Resident Evil.

Again, lotsa new rooms, enemies, puzzles etc.  The enemies are much harder, as well. My 2 favorite new features:

-Defensive moves: find daggers & tasers to fend off Zombies' lunges, hit em before they bite you.

-Killin aint enough - leave a zombie for dead and later theyll come back in a frenzy, way too fast to handle....now youve gotta douse em in kerosene & light em.  The trick is, there's only so much kerosene, so pick and choose your targets.


All this and I havent quite cleared the mansion yet with Jill...i'm impressed tho.  Animation's top notch, but again if youve played this before, you know what youre gettin into - puzzles, popus and not enough ammo.  Overall, a great game if you havent played it, but surprisingly worth it even if you did play Director's Cut.  Here's to hopin their remake of part 2 is on par, i really liked that one.  And hey, maybe one day we'll get a new installment.



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There's another reason to shell out for the gamecube...


and not enough ammo.  

That's exactly what made part 1 so scary and what made part 2 so not scary.  When I have a machine gun with a million bullets and a gun that shoots lightning, I' aint afraid of shit.  When I have a pistol and a shotgun with nowhere near enough ammo to kill everything, I'm on edge.  I think the kerosene thing is the perfect addition to RE 1 and would amplify the paranoia by a whole lot.  I have the feeling that capcom knows exactly what made RE1 scary and they knew how to add to it. So, this is just another factor that's pushing me to get a gamecube as quicky as possible...

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On that note, Junker, youve got some extra time...

Zelda Gamecube delayed?


Yeah, i agree, tho not entirely - part 2 had plentiful ammo at first, granted, but by the game's end it was scarce; but yeah, again not nearly as much as part 1 where you were always runnin low, especially if you squandered it in the beginnin or wasted valuable shotgun/python ammo on dogs, etc.  

That's the main reason i never got into part 3 i guess: i recall startin out with a machine gun of some kind ? and an assload of ammo, just wasnt scary for me.  

And again, the kerosene thing adds quite a bit, admittedly - i find myself only burnin zombies in rooms i come to often, and payin the price for my poor decision by walkin by corpses time & again, hopin this wont be the time they spring to life...it really worked as an idea.  They just got me crappin myself outta fear of when the @#$%in hunters show up.

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Damn!  I was looking forward to Zelda, that and mario are my deadlines for buying a gamecube.  And I like the new style of visuals in zelda.  It looks like a cartoon... is that such a bad thing?  Zelda was never meant to be serious or realistic.  It's always been fun and cartoonish.  I dont see why people bash the new style of animation so much.  Link is not gonna be decapitating anyone, zelda will never be dark in any way whatsoever, it wont end with his fairy being frozen in carbonite... zelda is a happy, fun series of games and it's going to stay that way!  I think it looks fuckin great.  Is mario still on schedule?... did it even have a solid release period?

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Meant to make a sepearte Gamecube thead, my fault...

Mario Sunshine is scheduled for the last week of August, seems to still be on time but E3's around the corner so we'll know then. Like the article said, Metroid Prime should make holiday season but who knows, that producing team's been shaky this last year or so.

Now Zelda...the cel-shading thing's takin a beating.  First off, when has Miyamoto ever let us down, espeically with this series?

Dan's got the right idea: i like the story to be a little deeper, and Zelda 64 had a bit of it, but i dont expect Xenogears, nor do i want Devil May Cry type action - that's not what the series is about, and there's plenty of those games.  It can stand to grow up a bit, i agree, but not terribly so.  

Still curious what happened to the ultra-detailed promo they originally showed?

On a side note...a few reviewers, after seein the promo video, noted somethin interestin: watch the mpeg file again, and take a look at the overworld shots...they look strikingly like 3D versions of the Zelda: Link to the Past (SNES) overwolrd shots.  I'm not sayin its a remake, but it is odd.

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So, uh, speaking of RE on nintendo systems...here's some great footage from the upcomming "Umbrella Chronicles" for Wii.


For those that dont know, its supposed to be the story of how Umbrella ended, going through all the previous RE games with the Wii-mote in a "on the tracks" shooter (read: the game walks for you, think House of the Dead). The RE spinoffs arent known for their excellence, but check out that trailer and see what you think...i think it looks like its gonna be crazy fun.

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