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It feels kind of weird to finish reading Elfen Lied and then find out there is an anime attached to it. I'm going to start watching it to compare.


Having started watching the Anime version of Bleach and Naruto, I have made the full transition to manga ( Too impatient to wait for anime releases, brain now recreates the anime pretty accurately )


A few people are watching this series already, but to everyone else... I HIGHLY recommend the depth of story and character development of this dark series.


Summary: Innocent boy ends up living with wild array of women in an empty rental community. The main character is a horned girl, an escapee from an evil research facility that really wants her back. Give the first few issues a read and let me know what you think.




*Can a mod move this to the Fantastic Forum... didn't see it the 1st time I glanced. This is for the promotion of the manga , thank you. *

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heh, back to bumping i see.


Senshik is all about onemanga these days; i cant even get her to read the books i have here or on my computer; its like her new homepage. she's all caught up on naruto and bleach both, so ill point her to this one if anything.


honestly, i asked about the anime in that forum and newt/others gave a description that didnt sound so hot. considering im trying to shrink my monthly american readings down to about 20 or so (its at like 35 last i checked...) and im crazy behind on the manga i already love like Blade of the Immortal and Vagabond, im not making any promises, sir!

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Woot. Another reply :2T:


It's been pretty quiet for a week here, bumping to catch some skimmers isn't that bad a thing. hehe The recent 5 get the best ad space. I'm running through series pretty thoroughly at the pace I'm going, going low on Seinen ( adult male ) manga. I'll take up your Blade of the immortal and give it a whirl.

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I've been hooked to onemanga.com since last semester. I fucking love it! It's so awesome. Lately I've been reading mostly shoujo and josei and ocassionally the senein. Mostly interested in mature genre... the really girly manga piss me off because the girls are so passive and submissive it drive me insane!!!!!! However, the one I'm reading right now Hana Kami is pretty fun.


Oh yes, Elfen Lied, I saw the cover and thought to myself, CHOBITS?!?!? No thanks! So I didn't bother checking it out. However because Yavhen is hyping it up, I think I'll take another crack at it.


As for Naruto and Bleach, Naruto needs to finish already! And bleach is fucking awesome!!! Can't wait to find out what's up with the vanguard! Fucking Uchia clan, what's going on!!!???



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