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so i have had some songs that have helped me through hard times, and some that represent good times, and music really triggers memory for me. so i thought it would be cool to talk about songs that mean a lot to us


my first example is a song by a band called +44. their song Baby Come On was what i listened to when my brother (and best friend) was in the hospital and not expected to live (long story), anyway it was on his myspace which i updated for his friends to track his progress so i listened to it alot and later when i was living away from home and was really depressed the words of it seemed to describe me. while those times were bad times for me i look at the song with fondness and it comforts me.


anyone else have something similar?

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Dr.G fo lyfe!


Tori has provided me a lot of songs that get me through my day, and through my life. There seems to be a song for every occasion... like I said on my LJ (for the few of you that read it):


I pimp Tori to all of those I know, because of her awesome piano work, her raw emotion, her amazing chilling vocals but most importantly her storytelling. Her lyrical magic. It's like you know her. Or rather, like she knows you. And she sits down with you via stereo and says "Hey, honey. Does this sound familiar to you? You're not alone."


(I"ll post particular songs later, and their meaning to me)


Under the Pink first album I heard from Tori. Cornflake girl really jumped out at me. I was having problems with some girls who I thought were my friends at school, and UTP kind of helped me embrace me for me. I had heard it playing in my sister's room, and I made a taped copy from it. I played that fucking tape nonstop, and eventually it died, haha. That's when I started collecting CD's.

Most of her albums got me through the aftermath of my "Jonathan summer". He was the first boy I thought I really loved, and had deep feelings for. There was a lot of confusion and distrust; I was getting pulled from every direction and it took a while for me to get over him. Hell, I still think about him when I cue up Boys for Pele...


She continues to play a big role in my life. From LE to American Doll Posse. (Beekeeper not so much...) Her B-sides are sometimes more beautiful than the actual album tracks.


Music is awesome and a very amazing form of therapy. Without music I think I would perish.

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there's a lot of em now that come on when running or at the gym and really cause a 2nd wind.


i think one that's done that a lot in years past, however, was again "Touched" by Vast. just had that effect on me.

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