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If you like the romantic era, its a shame berlioz isn't on your list.


I love classical music, i don't listen to it enough these days, my favorite composer would probably be Rachmaninoff or Berlioz, two different but fantastic composers, there's very little classical i'd dislike, only one that comes to mind would be some of Bizet's work and some neo classical stuff, which is just irritating, i think.

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There was a Rachmaninoff clip on the Comptons Interactive Encyclopedia '95 CD I had when I was a teenager. I really dug it, and it's been stuck in my head for a decade. I could not remember what it was called. I tried searching for a track list of everything on that CD, I tried to describe it to some of my friends in hopes they would know (which I'm sure was annoying "it's like bum BAHbum buh buh BUNG bah BUM bah, then like halfway through it goes tweedeedee dee dee dee DUN tweedee dee dee dun dun dee DUN dee DUn dant dant dant dun dun dun").

I had little recourse but to systematically listen to every Rachmaninoff piece until the mystery was solved. I've been periodically listening to and eliminating songs from a comprehensive list for well over a year, sn developed a fondness for a number of pieces in the process.

Tonight my search is over. When it came up on my playlist, I almost shat myself. Not sure how I could forget such a catchy name.


Drink deep of my triumph with me.


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An excellent talk, explaining the power and beauty of Classical music and music in general.


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