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Perfect. Needs more. Out of civic responsibility I need to give an official warning to Hondonians not familiar with an achievement based numerical ranking system like this, and have no idea of the k

what ever happened to this idea?


Love your picture.


So my question is...do you suggest awards that you plan on getting or just ones that you think should be?


Who is in charge of assigning them, or is it like, a poll or something...I have seen the banners some people have, and was curious how they came about...so if it comes from creating one...I don't think I'll ever have one...because, well, I'm just not that internet savvy...lol

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No Life - 100 posts in one day (15 Hondo's points)


Hondonian - Posted 5,000th post (25 Hondo's points)


Mile-High Club - Posted 10,000th post (50 Hondo's points)


True Hondonian - Posted 50,000th post (300 Hondo's points)


Shack Addict - 500 posts in the Crap Shack (5 Hondo's points)


It's Not Length, It's Longevity - Starting a thread that's gone over a 25 pages (20 Hondo's points)


Voyered - Your member profile has been viewed 1,000 times (15 Hondos points)


Holla at 'cha board! - Posted in the Shoutbox/Hollabox 150 times (15 Hondo's Points)


SUCKERS! - Recruited 15 members (15 Hondo's points)


I Was There - On when 'most members ever online in one day' record is broken (20 Hondo's points)


I LOve yUO HoND0$ ba r - Posted in the 'Drunken Posting' thread at least 10 times (20 Hondo's points)


Road Trip! - Traveled to another STATE to meet Hondonians (25 Hondo's points)

Frequent-Flier Miles - Traveled to another CONTINENT to meet Hondonians (35 Hondo's points)


One Big Happy Family - Met 25 fellow Hondonians (30 Hondo's points)


Award Whore - Won at least 5 awards in the Hondo's Awards (10 Hondo's points)


Epic Fail - Won at least 3 'Bitterest' awards in the Hondo's Awards (5 Hondo's points)


Secret Santa - Gave 5 gifts to fellow Hondonians (10 Hondo's points)


You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch - Received at least 5 gifts without ever having sent one yourself (15 Hondo's points)


Patience Is A Virtue - Won a debate against either Arch or Jax (25 Hondo's points)


King of Politics - Won a debate against BOTH Arch AND Jax (50 Hondo's points)


Arteeest - Have had at least 5 pieces in the art gallery (15 Hondo's points)


HonDID IT! - Hooked up with a fellow Hondonian not brought on by you, but someone you MET on Hondos (100 Hondo's points)


NSFW - Shown your goods on Hondos (100 Hondo's points)



I marked out the ones I know I've done off the top of my head. Others I'll have to check on.

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