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  1. I'm on the Cates hype train now. Dude fucking embraces 90s weirdness. (and he's from texas)
  2. ill admit, i haven't read any of the leadup stuff, but i have been picking this up monthly. Seems like a hell of a ride to get here.
  3. I think peoples big beef with all this is that it was a pacing issue. This seasons been rushed to finalize everything so people feel cheated because so much is happening too quickly. (at the cost of character development)
  4. I'm a huge Zdarsky fan, and honestly...i've never read much daredevil. Zdarsky is making me want to go back and read some of those legendary runs on the character now.
  5. I love the OG game growing up - i'm glad this series is getting some love.
  6. It looks like a mod for FFXV. Not saying thats a bad thing, i loved that game but you can tell that's what they seem to be basing the game on. Honestly if it cleans up the story and is fun ill dig it. Just not sure how hardcore 7 fans will feel about it.
  7. Yeah, they are keeping this pretty hush hush. I guess we're gonna have to turn in to check it out.
  8. He's kinda a "what have you done for me lately" kinda dude. And he hasn't done a lot great lately.
  9. I've always been in the "pro dark mysterio" camp. I'm hoping this whole "from another dimension" thing is just misdirection because that shit could open up a can of worms the way time travel in the x-verse does.
  10. Yeah i realized my mistake way after I hit post and never went back to edit it. Michaels, Joannes and I know here in Austin our large art supply stores all do custom framing jobs.
  11. Absolutely. It's pretty much hung on my wall damn near my whole life. I put it away and into storage to stop it from getting any more damaged until I could frame it. It's basically the cover of the first comic with a "may 1991" kinda tag on it.
  12. so it'll be pricy but worth it, you can go to like a hobby lobby or michaels or wherever and get custom frames. I've been considering it for my Infinity Gauntlet promo poster from '91 because it's a strange size.
  13. that 2pac poster deserves a custom frame job.
  14. 6 episodes in. I have some weird gripes with it but overall it's really well done and I think the brevity of the season works to its advantage.
  15. Honestly, that sounds like the "side comic" of a cross over event kinda story. The Purifiers Cometh. (or something equally silly). note: i would totally read that.
  16. I agree with the "I think I need to see it again" comments. Mostly because...it was really overwhelming. There's a LOT to take in and you get so kinda, lost in the magic of it all.
  17. Did a double feature of US and Pet Semetary this weekend. Long story short: Great Twilight Zone episode, couldn't live up to being the next "Get Out". Solidly worth seeing in theaters.
  18. So, Pet Semetary. I'm going to try and give my review without sounding like a pretentious film snob: - It is a solid, mainstream "for everyone" horror film. It subverts expectations if you've seen or read the OG stuff. - it made a couple key changes that were a little...of the time which was good. (ie: indians are spoooopy) - But i can't help but feel if you took the EXACT same cast, recorded in the EXACT same place, but gave it to a more indy horror director, it would have been fantastic. - Yeah its big on jump scares, and its formulaic. the ending was cute since it did diffe
  19. Well yeah, they need to figure out how they can re-tell the Dark Phoenix story for the 12th time.
  20. Did yall hear about how the first episode order of the show is random? https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/22/18277634/netflix-love-death-robots-different-episode-orders-anthology-show
  21. Finally got around to check out the documenary: https://www.amazon.com/World-Darkness-Steve-Wieck/dp/B07JVCWWQB Even if you never played it, id say its worth checking out.
  22. I've been reading Cates Guardian Run. (and I read cosmic GR). If This Carnage story is anything like what he put out for this cosmic stuff, I'm on board.
  23. This last week I finally stopped picking up the Age of Xman titles. Too much to care about when Uncanny by itself is so good. Looks like we're back to old man cable with this new title.
  24. Bonus Bindy fact: I've used this handle since I was about 14/15 and this is where I got it from: https://whitewolf.fandom.com/wiki/Bindusara
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