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    without a joycon sex toy, capitalism has been a waste of time
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    Preacher's Divinity(2Track's promise of pop-up free porn)
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    Founding member of Daredevil, Man without fear club in Smolensk. Thwipp Thwipp, yes?
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    Allowing myself to be the vessel of the Angry & Vengeful SUPERMAN RED
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    fleshy human
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    Fanboy Hatred, Burning like the clap if memory serves
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    Jay Garret/ SUPERMAN RED/The most Exhaulted Potentate of Love
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    Animal Farm, Dora the Explorer, that one time Aunt May became a herald of Galactus to hook him up with Hostess Fruit pies(never mind the balance of power and responsibility. Just shoot for the stars)

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  1. Hello my aussie friend. Does Red still reside on this board?

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