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right, so i know DoJ, myself and a few others could go on about this game's greatness all day, but i also wanted to point out some of the great ROM hacks for those who'd like to play this game a bit more. seriously, read the first post - there's 5 remakes/re-envisioning of the classic, im sure more here would love to try these out. Ill post back later on whenever i do so myself.


that said, its funny how no one doing a Metroidvania game these days (Shadow Complex, etc) cant help but sing this game's praises, its on most top 10 lists ive read from various developers on influence/favorites. there's also a lot of talk about exploits - players who were able to bypass the linear bits by going where they werent supposed to be able to without the right weapon/etc. Really cool shit, and honestly, we'd not have games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night without this one.

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I havn't yet, I like the idea behind it(yes I've come around to downloading games) but I think it might be too soon for something like this, but hacked this thing would be fantastic. Once they get around to hacking it I'll proabbly go pick one up.


But you are right, This was a tremondous game when it came out and influenced so much that came after but it doesn't seem to get as much play as many other influencal games(something I think mario 64 gets as well.) do we even have a thread about these kinds of games? the ones that lay the ground work for so much after it?

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Why less? I don't even use the umd drive in my regular psp, easier to buy the game and put them on a memory card. Seriously people get really out of wack over that(I used to) but dling more off steam and watching george do so I'm not so gun ho about physical products anymore(plus at some point it will lower prices, you don't have the mark up needed for retail so some company will try to lower their prices to better compet with the big boys.)


We proabbly should start a thread and try to get bish in on it.

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like a "greatest games of all time" or most influential ones or wha?


id also be down for a digital distribution vs physical product thread. i too like not carrying things/less loading times but physical ownership is still highly valued; this system woudlnt bone you for not having any physical PSP games yet, but i do think it might be naive to assume the savings will be passed onto you when a comapny monopolizes its means of distributing games. digital distribution is so blatantly anti-consumer, i just cant get supporting any system that's 100% for it.

plus, i could be wrong but i think the screen is smaller. that's a shame.

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