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Fun with Google Voice Search


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In boredom, CARLO LUND and I decided to have fun with GOOGLE VOICE. Our phone has an option where you can speak your search, and it converts it to the text it thinks you said, and brings up the search for it. At first we were asking random words (I.E. Vagina), but grew bored with that. We moved on with random phrases to funny voices, terrible accents, and downright inaudible sounds. These are our findings:





"Would you like to see my Penis?" = 'WHO WAS THE MONDAY NIGHT'


"I am pee pee in my butthole" = 'IRVINE IMAM MALL FL'


"Why does baby Jesus touch me there?" = 'WHEN DOES BIG GAME HUNGER INDIANA'


"This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down" = 'HAM' (wtf? haha)


"My tummy hurts, I need an abortion" = 'MATT DAMON HEIGHT OF A NEW BOSTON'


*opera-esque voice* "aaaaAAAAAAAH" = 'COOL'


"My accordion smells like a fart" = 'MIKE HOLIDA INN DOWNELINK BLANC'


"I am the adversary" = 'I M C A A T M Z'


"alabaarararalala" = 'COLORADO'


"I car cream face stab mutant horn" = 'ICON CREAM BASED ENGINE HAWN'


"Hondos Bar dot com" = 'HOW DOES BARACK MEAN'


"ooooh yeahhhhh" = 'EMO HAIR'


"My pee smells like a juniper tree" = 'MAKI MEN LIKE I DO NOT LIKE ME'


"Surgeon General's Warning" = 'FAT CONTENT OF WEDDING'


"Cornish game hens sunk my battleship" = 'CORNISH GAME HEN DOG MOUTH BLISTER'


"Hotwheels leading the way" = 'HOW TO WIN OVER REASON NO WAY'


"*burps* smells like chicken" = 'ART WALMART MCKINNEY'




"Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars" = 'MALL HOURS'


"*buuuuuurap*" = 'ART'


"fffffuuuuuuuuu" = 'SIOUX FALLS'





...More to come! We're odd folk.




PS It would be absolutely dreamy if you guys had phrases you wanted us to try out, for super fun times 9000!

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