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I just searched, and there's no Gorillaz thread here, somehow. Genroh....i think you're the only man on at this deviant hour that can do this. id be all up ons.

So it is written, so it shall be done. :FHD:


I for one love'em for their blend of punk, rap, R&B, and Funk. I'm sure some hate them just for the fact they're animated and there for fake.

Then again... that can be said about almost any band now adays :2T:


So here be the Gorillaz forum! Discuss, share, or just listen. :wink:


Here are some of my personal favorites.


Tomarrow Comes Today







Rock It (Reject False Icons)





El Manana




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woooo stillbored

party thread confirmed :FHD:


ahem. that said: in college, the cool kids were on about these guys and Radiohead, and i kinda missed the boat on both counts. i coudlnt not be exposed to Clint Eastwood & such, but it was actually Sen who got me all on Demon Days, such a great album...one of those few you can just let it ride & not really have to skip tracks. Genroh already covered most of my favorites there (tomorrow comes today, etc) so here's the only other one that came to mind offhand.



there 3rd album have a date yet?

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Demon Days is indeed one of the better albums. If you're new to Gorillaz folks, that's the place to start then I'd recommend G-Sides, D-Sides (for Happy Landfill and Rock it).


Happy Landfill was top of my playlists for years (still in them just not at the top) and at the time is was fun to flaunt that it was only available via download from goriilaz.com when you bought the collectors edition of Demon Days. Rock It was also an exclusive on the sites theater page. (just a lowly flash vid) Now both are available for the masses.


Every Planet We Reach is Dead, that was the one I couldn't remember! Well here's another fav...



EDIT: The official site also had some hilarious shorts.

Game of Death

Jump The Gut


These videos get on here purely for the Murdoc.

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Well it got me into them so quite the contrary. As NZA stated though, Demon days is just one of those albums you plug in and just let it run. So much veraiety and good rythem with a epic two part finish with Don't Get Lost in Heaven & Demon Days.

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Love it, can't say enough good things about it. My favorite tracks are, Stylo, Superfast Jellyfish, Empire Ants, Rhinestone Eyes, and on Melancholy Hill. Really, there isn't a single track I've skipped so far, and I'm not Mos Def fan, but I really enjoy the songs that feature him and Snoop Dog. Bot to forget tho mention Lou Reed, I would have never guessed...


your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away...

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They say things come in three’s and here’s more evidence to support that theory. On the heels of The White Stripes and LCD Soundsystem‘s respective break-ups, People reports that the Damon Albarn-led Gorillaz have also called it quits.


According to the report, the Gorillaz 2010 world tour became “dogged with angry rows” and shortly after the band’s final performance, Albarn and his Gorillaz cohort, Jamie Hewlett, had a “massive argument” that “basically ended things.” Apparently, “things haven’t been great for a while, between Albarn and Hewlett, with Hewlett said to be frustrated at ‘how much time Albarn was giving to his many other projects’ and Albarn was ‘less than impressed with Jamie’s party lifestyle.’”


*sigh* i read they talked about splitting after Demon Days, and yeah, some comments that the last album was really the last, but....ugh.



hold me, genroh :misty:


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Update on Nick's link.


Update: Hewlett’s son, Denholm, posted the following on Gorillaz-Unofficial: “Hey everyonee, listen, i just spoke to my dad and told him about this, and he said its rubbish, they have kinda fallen out, just not about the reasons stated above in the article, they’re just taking time apart from each other to work on other projects. gorillaz are not gunna split up, its fine.”



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