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Taco Tuesday is something that we have been doing in my office forever. Usually it's an excuse to get the owner of the company to buy a shitload (or possibly a metric fuckton) of tacos for the office so that we can all enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of one of the greatest foods ever conceived by man OR the gods. Yep, i'm calling you out Ambrosia.


I ask you all to take up arms on Tuesday and head to your local taco eatery. Indulge yourself on one of the tastiest food things ever crafted by the hands of illegal immigrants in the back of taco trucks all around your fine place of business. Eat, and do it with a smile knowing that there are children in third world nations that will never taste the joy of the almighty taco because they are heathen godless pigs and you are better than them.

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I love how that ended in a question mark.


Well it's a small business mostly friends and family. I can say shit and get away with shit that people would get fired for even thinking about. On the downside, loyalty can be a bitch when it means you're not making as much as you should in your current position.


That aside, it's still not too late to get tacos.

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I'm really really curious as to Hakujin's reply?*




I had a male student as me this last week: "Sir, do you know about Twilight?"


Me: "Yes."


Student: "Can I ask you a question about it?"


Me: "Sure."


Student: "Sir, do you think Jacob is a faggot?"








*The question mark seems to be how it's done in this thread.

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funny that you started this thread, since the only meal i have kept down in the past three days was tacos.


Tacos are magical and amazing like that. Blessings of the taco deity be upon you for he shall bring the members of the soft shell and the hard shell together covering them in his creamy goodness.

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