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Konami reveals new Silent Hill game News

Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 News by Robert Purchese

Today 13:00


Konami's working with a new developer on a new Silent Hill game for "next-gen consoles", aka PS3 and Xbox 360.


The publisher revealed the news at an event in Frankfurt, Germany yesterday - dutifully attended by Eurogamer Germany.


No other details were given.


Silent Hill: Homecoming was Konami's last original take on the IP and was released in autumn 2008 to a lukewarm reception. Better received was Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on Wii, a re-imagining of the first Silent Hill game from 1999.


Shattered Memories received a whopping 9/10 here on Eurogamer but sadly hasn't appealed to the Wii audience in quite the same way.


still havent gotten through Shattered Memories, gonna try again soon. Hopeful this is great despite the ongoing absence of Team Silent (i'm told a few of them were on the PS3 Siren). pre-hype!



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this new job has you literally, getting driven around in a limo laughing with hookers doesn't it? The laws of balance see Kylie & I addicted to crack while you & Meg spend all Frank's money.


PSP Go's for suckers. You realise it has no UMD drive therefore Silent Hill would have to on PSN, right?


PS- Who the fuck measures things in Megabytes anymore? I know we're backward arsed but c'mon man, we gotta keep up appearances and talk about our awesome 8Gig harddrives in our Apple IIe's.

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I can say with absolute conviction that the PSP go is this generation's Saturn, but I can also guarantee that the single person stupid enough to pay anything for your boxed saturn will be dead from having tried to fuck a lamp socket or something by the time you opt to offload the thing.


If you really really feel the need to buy something like this, buy it from the US, it's probably like half the price.

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As I've said countless times before, 3 and 4 were both SOLID entries. I enjoyed 3 because it was an unconventional sequel to the first storyline, with it's own stand out moments (jeez that bleeding room...), that didn't totally rehash the first game. The Room holds a special place in my heart, primarily because it didn't have any fucking nurses in it!


Silent Hill != Nurses and Rusty Metal


I agree,

returning to each of the worlds a second time was poor design

, but that is seriously my only gripe with the game. Tried different stuff, and hit the nail on the head for most em, in my opinion.


SH is one of my most beloved series, and this is not the path I want to see it take:


-Konami outsources development to studio X


-Studio X basically randomizes the most popular elements of the series, regardless of the contextual significance of said elements, under the auspice of "Honoring the Source material"


-Studio X's efforts are met with luke warm reception, as it does nothing to add to the Silent Hill mythos.


-Repeat ad nauseum.


It's fucking Silent Hill Mad Libs.

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haha...did you ever finally play Homecoming? i forget.


there's rumors this might be a Shattered Memories retake of SH2...i really dont want to see that, at all. tried SM again last night and yup, waggle controls are killing it for me, like with Okami...im dying too much for getting jumped on and not being able to shake them. gonna try this again on PS2.


nurses and rusty metal...heh.

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