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NBA Playoffs 2010


NBA Playoffs 2010  

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Round 1 of the playoffs starts Saturday here's the match ups for round 1:


The game most if not everyone on here is interested in:


mia.gif vs bos.gif


(Of course I'm rooting for the Celtics)


Game 1: Saturday, April 17 8pm


chi.gif vs. cle.gif


Game 1: Saturday, April 17 3pm


mil.gif vs. atl.gif


Game 1: Saturday, April 17 5:30 pm


uth.gif vs. den.gif


Game 1: Saturday April 17 10:30 pm


Then for Sunday:


okc.gif vs. lal.gif


Game 1: Sunday April 18 3 pm


cha.gif vs. orl.gif(Officially sponsored by the Juggalos. Magic all up in this bitch!)


Game 1: Sunday April 18 5:30 pm


sas.gif vs. dal.gif


Game 1: Sunday April 18 8 pm


por.gif vs. pho.gif


Game 1: Sunday April 18 10:30 pm

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mia.gif vs. bos.gif


Game 1 - Celtics win 85-76

There was a fight on the sidelines between Kevin Garnett of the Celtics and Quentin Richardson of the Heat in the 4th Quarter after Paul Pierce tumbled to the ground and Quentin stood over him talking trash or nonsense. KG is suspended for Game 2 of the series and Richardson was fined $25,000. Story here

Game 2 - Celtics win 106-77 (A lot of FB messages about this one. Pretty harsh.)

Game 3 - Celtics win 100-98, Paul Pierce with a shot at the buzzer. Dwayne Wade seemed pretty hurt at the end, helped off the court.

Game 4 - Heat win 101-92, Wade scored an amazing career high 46 points. Between that and the Celtics falling apart in the 4th quarter, missing shots, etc. Good game, Heat.

game 5 - Celtics win 96-86, Refs were close to pathetic making some pretty bad and even imaginary calls against the Celtics in their own home court, TD Garden. The Celtics were a bit sloppy at times as well.


Celtics win the series 4-1


chi.gif vs. cle.gif


Game 1 - Cavaliers win 96-83

Game 2 - Cavaliers win 112-102

Game 3 - Bulls win 108-106 Wow I'd have thought King James would have swept.

Game 4 - Cavaliers win 121-98

Game 5 - Cavaliers win 96-94


Cavaliers win the series 4-1


mil.gif vs. atl.gif


Game 1 - Hawks win 102-92

Game 2 - Hawks win 96-86

Game 3 - Bucks win 107-89

Game 4 - Bucks win 111-104

Game 5 - Bucks win 91-87

Game 6 - Hawks win 83-69

Game 7 - Hawks win 95-74


Hawks win the series 4-3


uth.gif vs. den.gif


Game 1 - Nuggets win 126 - 113

Game 2 - Jazz win 114-111

Game 3 - Jazz win 105-93

Game 4 - Jazz win 117-106

Game 5 - Nuggets win 116-102

Game 6 - Jazz win 112-104


Jazz win the series 4-2

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okc.gif vs. lal.gif

Game 1 - Lakers win 87-79

Game 2 - Lakers win 95-92

Game 3 - Thunder win 101-96 Nice upset! So much for a sweep, LA.

Game 4 - Thunder win 110-89 Amazing upset! I wouldn't mind if LA lost.

Game 5 - Lakers win 111-87

Game 6 - Lakers win 95-94


Lakers win the series 4-2


cha.gif vs. orl.gif


Game 1 - Magic was all around the Bobcats and they didn't even know it. Magic won 98-89

Game 2 - Enough Magic to blow your mothafuckin mind! Magic won again 92-77

Game 3 - Magic all up in this bitch! Magic win 90-86

Game 4 - Magic was all around them and they didn't even know it.


Magic sweep the series 4-0


sas.gif vs. dal.gif


Game 1 - Mavericks won 100-94

Game 2 - Spurs win 102-88

Game 3 - Spurs win 94-90

Game 4 - Spurs win 92-89

Game 5 - Mavericks win 103-81

Game 6 - Spurs win 97-87


Spurs win the series 4-2


por.gif vs. pho.gif


Game 1 - Trail Blazers won 105-100

Game 2 - Suns win 119-90

Game 3 - Suns win 108-89

Game 4 - Trail Blazers win 96-87

Game 5 - Suns win 107-88

Game 6 - Suns win 99-90


Suns win the series 4-2

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Yeah once the new fortress is sorted and I can hook up proper TV in there, I'ma get back into the NBA watching and whatnot.


as it is I kinda wish we'd taken Panch's advice & gone to a game instead of a stripclub. Woulda been way more excting...

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Great game last night between the Celtics and the Heat. Really intense and down to the wire. Paul Pierce sunk the buzzer beater to put the W in the Celtics column. I was worried about Wade when he took a hard fall after shooting a basket, gripping his knee on the floor for several minutes, then being helped off the court without putting any weight off it, but the Sentinal Sun and ESPN are saying it's just a cramp.

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Yeah, was just about to post the Game 4. Wade saved it from becoming a sweep with an amazing career high 46 points! The Celtics fell apart in the 4th quarter. They were missing so many shots. Tuesday should be interesting.

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Heat were eliminated by the Celtics tonight. Sorry Heat fans. Some pretty bad calls tonight by the refs against the Celtics and Wade didn't get called for anything. I wouldn't think much of this except for the fact that it was on our own home turf, TD Garden in Boston.

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The Cavs eliminated the Bulls last night (surprise,surprise). We'll be facing them in the next round then. They're gonna be tough. I heard Lebron might be injured though. If he's out, then we have a pretty good shot. If not, we still might take them but it will be tough.

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left elbow, it's numb, no idea whats causing it, go boston(dunno why but for some reason all the lebron fawing irks me cause wade is about as good but he's got the ring and bron doesn't but lets suck bron's cock)


Wade came out yesterday and said that his heart is here and as long as thingd work out(ie the heat do what I say) he's resigning, rumor has it we'll bein play for cp3 since the horents might be having a fire sale. I think beasely is done in miami, he's being traded at some point. UD and wright might be back as well as and I figure arryo or chalmers.

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Yeah, it's a bone bruise. He'll (unfortunately) be playing on Saturday. (Not that I like to see players injured) I'm gonna predict more bad ref calls. By that, I mean more than usual. Every game there's bad ref calls, usually on both sides. I also don't think they will call Lebron on much if anything at all. It's been a trend this season for the Celtics, especially the closer it got towards playoffs. We shall see.


I hope Wade really does stay with the Heat. It wouldn't be the Heat without him. I remember Pre-Wade the Heat when I first got to FIU when they had Tim Hardaway, Alonzo Mourning, Jamal Mashburn, and P.J. Brown. Those were the days. God I feel old now

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Ok, the 2nd round/ Conference semi-finals have begun!


bos.gif vs. cle.gif


Game 1 - *sigh* The refs don't call shit on Lebron. No surprise there. I saw so many offensive fowls... Cavaliers win 101-93

Game 2 - The Celtics come back with a win 104-86

Game 3 - Ugly game with some BS refs on top. Cavaliers win 124-95

Game 4 - It's all about RONDO! Celtics played awesome! Much better. Celtics win 97-87

Game 5 - Awesome game by Rondo, the Big Three and the rest of the Celtics! Celtics win 120-88



Celtics win the series 4-2


orl.gif vs. atl.gif


Game 1 - Magic win 114-71

Game 2 - Magic win 112-98

Game 3 - Magic win 105-75

Game 4 - Magic win 98-84


Magic sweep the series 4-0


uth.gif vs. lal.gif


Game 1 - Lakers win 104-99

Game 2 - Lakers win 111-103

Game 3 - Lakers win 111-110

Game 4 - Lakers win 111-96


Lakers sweep the series 4-0


sas.gif vs. pho.gif


Game 1 - Suns win 111-102

Game 2 - Suns win 110-102

Game 3 - Suns win 110-96

Game 4 - Suns win 107-101


Suns sweep the series 4-0

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I'm sorry to break it to ya, but the Cavs are winnin' the whole thing. I have nothing against the Celtics, but they did just eliminate my Heat and might of pushed Wade right outta Miami. I hope they get swept.

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I officially hate Lebron now and the Celtics need to beat him.. and those 4 other lackeys with him!


Uh, yeah, sorry it came to that man. I really hope Wade doesn't go somewhere else. Dwade is the Heat.

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You just findin' out that Labron is a fan of the Yanks? Indian's fans were all in an uproar years ago when he first rocked the Yankee cap. And I love me some Labron. The dude is AWESOME!


As far as the D-Wade situation goes. Who the Hell knows.... Pat needs to get his head out his ass and sign one of those free agents. If not, Wades outta here. Honestly, I just want what's best for the guy. Wade's my favorite player ever (after Jordan).

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Yeah, just found out that he likes the team that shall not be named. That alone puts him on my bad list. He's a good player, but him and Kobe are attention whores when there's other players with their skill level.


My favorite players, Jordan #1, yeah. Then Bird (He's pretty fly for a white guy and got annoyed when they sent a white guy to cover him because basketball is a black man's game. I'm paraphrasing him there.) #2, followed by Kevin Garnett, Antione Walker (He played for the Celtics, then the Heat when they won it, then Celtics again), the other 2 of the big 3, Pierce and Allen, and lately Rondo.


But yeah, Heat need a good free agent!

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Who would be a good fit in Miami with Wade? Chris Bosh? Carlos Boozer? Amare Stoudemire? All free agents next year. And we can't forget about Labron! Can you imagine those two on the same team? Next 10 years locked for titles! Well, at least 8... and you know that's no exaggeration. Still, if the Cavs win, I can forget that dream.

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Your dream might come true. Celtics just won 104-86.


Wade and Lebron would be just sick...


For the others I'm thinking Bosh. Yao Ming would be cool too if he ETO'd.


Ray Allen is a free agent next year too, but I hope he comes back to the Celtics.

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So the Celtics took one game from the Cavs. It was bound to happen. I don't expect them to win the series. As far as Ray Allen going anywhere, but Boston. It ain't gonna happen. Still, they might wanna start getting some younger guys to build around Rondo.

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Updated. Can't wait to see how the Celtics do tonight! (Though, I'll be watching the Bruins. 3 Boston teams playing in one night. They need to change the schedule so I can watch the Celtics on night, Bruins, next, then Celtics again, etc. I hate having to choose. Well, I'll be flipping to the Sox after the game. Playoffs are more important.)

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