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Akira Toriyama might be writing brand new Dragon Ball chapters


Rich Johnston reports this morning that manga creator Akira Toriyama is going to write some new chapters of Dragon Ball (also known as Dragon Ball Z in the United States). Dragon Ball originally ran from 1984 to 1995 in Japan, and Viz Media published it in the U.S.


Johnston states the obvious: “Something that will make this event even more spectacular is a simultaneous fully translated worldwide launch of the new book.”


The Viz folks were tweeting last week about a big announcement to come this week, and they have already done a simultaneous release with Rumiko Takahashi’s Rin-ne, so this indeed may be their big news. Stay tuned!

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Blech, I dont wanna restart that old DB thread, so I'll just post here.


I just watched The Battle of the Gods, and really enjoyed it. You might dig it Baytor! It wasmuch more Dragon Ball-y than DBZ. Aside from the new form stuff of course. It was alot of fun, and pretty hilarious. Pilaf and Co. make an appearance, and the "villain" is one of the best so far.


Also this thing is happening which apparently negates GT which I'm fine with.


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