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X-Men: The Arcade Game!


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oh boy oh boy




trailer here - 6-player co-op, just like the arcade classic! coming to PSN, XBL and such. cant wait, it's been years! plus:


Marvel Games' T.Q. Jefferson revealed that the title will be ported by its original developer to the two platforms "soon," and will retain its six-player cap, achieveable through an online co-op mode.
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Thanks man! There's actually a ton of cheap shit on there today, glad I got a heads up. I bought like 5 games. :2T:


Thing is, I played the demo for this all excited like, and it just shattered my childhood memories. I was deeply disappointed and stopped before I finished the first level.


BUUUUUUT, for $2.50 I'm willing to have it sitting on my HD in the hopes that I might get some fun out of it at some point. Maybe multiplayer. Who gives a shit, it's $2.50!!!


I guess the moral of the story is that I may buy something I really don't even want if it's the price of a few candy bars. Typical fucking American, amiright?

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So actually got around to playing this in March of 2012, it didn't even sit around for a full year.


Last achievement is glitched or something. I beat the game like 12 goddamn times. And I know damn well they'll never patch it at this point.

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Master of Magnet

Defeat Magneto in different play sessions with all six X-Men characters.30g



Beat it as Cyclops, then played the last level with all the other characters. That didn't do it, so I went through the whole game with each character. Then I tried the Japanese version.

No dice. I've unquestionably beaten it, beginning to end, with every character. Apparently it's a fairly common problem.


I also didn't get the two you need a 6 player game for, but that's what I get for sitting on it until the internet has grown bored with it. There was like one other dude from somewhere in South America playing that day.

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