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Yeah, not sure what's w/ the lame looking swords either, but I don't think the Thor's look that bad. And at least this line is offering some variety--unlike the Iron Man 2 line which basically just offered a bunch of variations on the Iron Man suit. Then 6 months after the movie they release this mess:


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My nephew got this one for his birthday - it stands at about 18 inches tall and yells "I. Am. THOR!" then a lightning bolt sounds...everytime you touch the stupid hammer . I was about ready to remove the batteries after about 20 minutes of this non-stop.




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X-Men: First Class Figures Missing !


I know Fox Studios has the rights to the X-Men films @ the moment, but who the fuck at Hasbro and Marvel dropped the ball on producing X-Men : First Class action figures?!?!? After seeing how awesome the film turned out, it pisses me off the aisles are still flooded w/ lame Iron Man figures from a year ago, yet there's no figures out there for characters from the new X-Men film. :???:


Even if Marvel/Hasbro couldn't get rights to do likenesses of the actors from the film they still should've rolled out some yellow and blue costumed X-Men figs in the Marvel U 3"3/4" line to coincide w/ the film. Lame move, Hasbro & Marvel. Lame.


The conspiracy theorist in me says that Marvel's new owner, Disney, wanted as little competition for their Car 2 toys on shelves as possible. ninja%20eyes%20m.gif

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First I've seen of 'em. I guess it stands to reason they'd be comically expensive, they seem to be in the same league as the busts, but how expensive are we talking?


I clicked around the links and none of them have prices...which isn't a good sign. The Spider-Man one shows pictures with and without a mask, and there's no mention of another head. So I guess these things are wearing physical clothing? That's pretty impressive.

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